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  1. Hi, Would be great if you could select something and then right click to make document the size of the selection (crop document to selection). Perhaps with an option to enter some padding around the object. /Sten Hougaard
  2. It seems that pasting text-styles is not working (as I would expect). For instance if I copy a text element with a 23pt text size, pasting it to another text element will not apply that size. How would you do that? I also tried the "Create style" but I guess I do not understand using that one...
  3. Hi, I was impressed by you introducing the rotate canvas option in 1.4. However when I try to draw a rectangle it is not drawn on the canvas in the current rotation angle. You can see here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wztm1ute9xflfhu/Sk%C3%A6rmbillede%202015-12-28%2014.01.43.png?dl=0 I would expect the rectangle to be drawn from left to right onto the canvas on the normal 0 degree angle of the screen. However it follows the angle of the not-rotated angle... Not easy to explain, but my screen shoot should show it, otherwise try doing it your self. /Sten
  4. Hi, An SVG/color issue: Why are colors wrong when pasting in a #SVG? Logo found here: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/e/e2/Google_Chrome_icon_%282011%29.svg I copied the raw SVG (view source, copy) and pasted it into Affinity Designer 1.4, only to see this result:
  5. Hi, Excited about new option in Affinity Designer 1.4 to be able to set rotation center. However I have some feature request regarding to it: Center should be available in Transform area so that you can enter one, not only setting it by dragging in a point A way to reuse a center point across elements, perhaps by Cmd+click on a rotation point "locking" it across elements. Set a center point (say by dragging it) Cmd-click on it to lock it for reuse Rotate another element using same locked center point Cmd-click on it again to release it
  6. I would love it be able to TAB between: - Points in Node Tool - Objects in Move tool Tab => forward to next (or first if last is active) Shift-Tab => backward to previous (or first if last is active)
  7. Hi, If I export to SVG using the font "Arial Black" I get (part shown here): ...text style="font-family:Arial Black;... which looks fine. However if I open the SVG file again I get an error that the font does not exist.
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