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  1. Hi Meb! Thanks for the quick answer - I managed to get this done, nice! I still don’t fully understand the "Clip Canvas" command, though, sometimes it works, sometimes it does nothing. I am guessing that it clips the canvas according to the outermost elements it can find. So I have a pixel layer (my image) that is masked as described, and above it some adjustment layers. If I select the pixel layer and select "Clip Canvas", nothing happens, but if I flatten all visible layers, it works. Does that mean that the adjustment layers' masks determine the size that the canvas will be clipped to, and since they are all white, nothing happens? Thanks, Ben
  2. This is probably an easy one, but I haven’t been able to figure it out: I adjusted my photo to show only the portion of the canvas I want by using a mask, and now I have a cropped portion of my image over a transparent background. After I mess around some more with adjustments, I want to save a jpg-copy to use elsewhere that only includes my cropped image and does away with the transparent background. Unfortunatly, I can't figure out how to do that ... Bouns question: In order to be more flexible with the selection, I'd like to have a vector mask for a layer that I can non-destructivley resize. Any chances? Thanks, Ben

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