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  1. Thanks for the reply, doing exactly what I did yesterday it now works?
  2. Loading a photo, go into filters and selecting a filter - some present a menu to change the settings, some do not offer a menu - either way does not apply the filter. The only thing I haven’t done is reboot the iPad, something I have to do regularly even though it’s a relatively new iPad.
  3. Thanks MTR, I was hoping that this was exactly what I wanted after paying £7 for 4 passport photos. Not sure if I've missed something, but I was hoping that there was going to be a transparent background and that I would position the grid over a photo, that could be resized to fit within the grid. The turn off the grid and print? Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction, I have Affinity Phot, Designer and Publisher.
  4. Hi, Typical, I've gone back in to carry out the same editing on the existing file and it has been stable - this is without unticking anything or having disconnected the internet. I think this may need to go into the pending? Michael.
  5. Does it stop crashing if you disable/uninstall Norton ? Could not find a way to disable Norton, but did start the PC without an internet connection and this appeared to be stable. How long is the Affinity running before crashing ? It crashed as soon as I tried editing my project. Can you attach a crash report ? I have attached a screen shot - all the folders are empty.
  6. Publisher has been stable since installed latest version - but this last few days is crashing every 30 secs. The only difference over the last few days is that I have upgraded to Norton 360! The crashing occurs while editing an existing file, that was stable before the Norton cam on the scene. My system is Windows 10 latest version, with 12GB of memory.
  7. Hi Folks, When preparing an image for printing, using the program that must not be mentioned - I can select the size crop and the dpi (usually 300 dpi) in one operation. In Photo, it appears that I have to change the dpi first in the document details and then use the crop tool - if so it doesn't seem to flow properly, once the document has been resized, going to crop and selecting the area appears to work until you check the details in the document details it has cropped to a different size! Or am I having a senior moment? Michael
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