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  1. Hi Sean Is there any update on this? It seems like the latest AP beta still having this issue.
  2. Affinity Photo crash when performing the following steps: - Open an image - Select Layers panel so that the thumb view of the image is visible - Press Tab to hide tools, toolbar and panels - Ctrl + W to exit the image - Press Tab again to show tools, toolbar and panels When Layers panel is not active, the above steps won't cause any crash, it seems the thumb view of the Layers panel is the culprit of the crash. System info: Affinity Photo Windows Ver. Windows 10 Home, 64-bit Acer Aspire S7-392
  3. Hi sean It seems that the histogram in curve pane shows intersection instead of union of RGB channels. I guess it happen to every photo.
  4. Hi guys Please refer to the attached file. The curve pane seems showing funny histogram compare with the usual histogram pane. Or did I miss out something? My system info: Affinity Photo Windows Ver. Windows 10 Home 64-bit Lai
  5. The Remove button in New Stack dialog box not working. Affinity photo Windows ver: Windows 10 64 bit
  6. Sometimes without tripod and ND filter, I will use 'burst mode' to take a series of photos and later stack them digitally to simulate long exposure effect. With handheld shooting, it is expected each layer of stacked photos will contains some transparent pixels. Unnatural artifacts could be seen if these transparent pixels are not cropped out. It will be great if the 'crop to opaque' option is available for stacked image that will crop all the transparent pixels from each layer of stacked photos, - when crop ratio is not specified, the 'crop to opaque' function will determine the crop ratio and size with maximum pixel count, and - when crop ratio is specified, the 'crop to opaque' function will determine the crop size with maximum pixel count.

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