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Found 14 results

  1. I would like to copy six pages from one .afpub file to another .afpub file. I have not been able to figure out how to do this. Can anyone provide me insight
  2. Affinity Designer on Mac: When pasting text from a word document into a text field in affinity designer, it does keep most of the formatting. However, when line breaks in the word document are not denoted by "enter", but instead by the size of the page, they are seen in affinity as an infinitely long line and will be pasted as such. Is there any way to paste text into a text field, in such a way that either, the original formatting is completely kept, or such that the horizontal size of the textfield is respected, and not just extended into infinity? Or is the easiest way to achieve this for me, by manually assigning line breaks by "enter" in the original file? Cheers.
  3. Hello Everyone How can I copy a selection of pixels onto the initial layer without creating a new layer for it? Like alt + drag selection in PS. Because not only is it an extra step, which becomes tedious when done repeatedly, but also repeated merging down of the new layer causes the initial layer to blur because of anti-aliasing. Thanks in advance Kind Regards SHA-10
  4. Love to be able to copy single nodes, line segments, or a selection of nodes – including the exact geometry of any curve handles – and then paste it/them into the front node an open curve. With the option of pasting its mirror version – vertical, horizontal, or both. It is very hard to manually make a curve exactly match another one. Repeatability is crucial for precise work. Snapping control handles (when they arrive) will sure help, but copy/paste of any of a curve's (or shape's) selected bits would be supremo! You can easily copy an entire curve/shape, but not parts of one. You can do the former, delete what you don't need, and then attach the bits you need; but that's a long way round. I apologize if you've heard any or all of this before (and please correct me if any of this is already possible). Oh, and as Sven Kalkschmidt already suggested, the functionality of the following Illustrator plugin looks amazingly useful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpOaC5XGyZU Thanks for your attention, and keep up the awesome programming, Serif/Affinity!
  5. Maybe the commands I'm after are before my eyes and I'm just not seeing them... Programs like Microsoft Word have "copy and paste text formatting" commands. The commands store character formatting and you can later paste the formatting to other text. With some editors, if a paragraph marker was part of the original selection, you can even paste the copied paragraph formatting—not just character formatting. Something like that could be very useful in Publisher. But are there such commands for use within text frames and I've just missed them? I see a keyboard shortcut for "paste style" but it seems to apply only to objects, not text formatting.
  6. I've asked a Question in Support forum about this issue and it seems there's no way around this. Problem: I use a lot CTRL + single-left-mouse-click to select an object. But what happens very often is that it creates accidental duplicate objects which I don't notice until later in the day. I make 10+ such unwanted duplicates a day and it's very painful. I don't purposefully drag the mouse, I just single-click, but it still creates copies (10+ times a day). Suggestion: Edit > Preferences > Tools. Add a configuration like: "Deep object selection (CTRL+ click)" : "Do not copy when dragged by default" So a dropdown selection, with current behavior and new behavior.
  7. I would love the two-finger duplicate modifier to work when moving a selection within the same layer inside the selection persona. I commonly like to move copies of image parts within a single pixel layer. A good example is if I was creating a building face. I’d select a window, drag a copy, and then paint over the imperfections after moving it within a single layer. The current workaround is lengthy. I need to select the area I want to copy, switch to the photo persona, hit “duplicate”, move the copy, and then merge the layers together.
  8. When copying, changing duplicating objects. Once i move the object the gradient appears.. Sorry for the lack of explanation. Hard to describe. Will try and get a vid , but very busy with work. Gary
  9. Is it possible to copy gradients in Affinity Designer? How would you do it? If I wanted a repeating gradient to occur, it would be very time-consuming to individually create the gradient for many different objects.
  10. Hi, I'm new here. Sorry if my topic is already in the forum. So, when i copy text from another document and paste it in Affinity publisher there are some less words. Thanks for help
  11. Using Designer 1.9 on a Mac and a PC I would like to be able to tab through the numeric values in the Layer Effect window. For example: Adding a Shadow to an asset. 70% opacity <tab> The expectation is that the courser would go to the next field, in this case "radius" However, the tab simply functions as an enter for the Opacity setting and I have to physically click in the next field to change the numeric values. Additionally, a feature I would like to see, is the ability to copy a Layer Effect and paste it to another object in my illustration. Currently, right clicking on a layer and selecting copy simply copies the layer itself. (if the feature to copy a Layer Effect exists, I have not found it.)
  12. Today I alt+dragged a group do duplicate it. The group was pinned to a text (and with wrapping applied). As soon as I started dragging it, the copy was stretched to incorrect size. If I alt+drag the item un-pinned it copies correctly. I tried with other kind of grouped objects and all of them gets distorted. It happens on single shapes too. Steps to reproduce behaviour: mage a group of objects (In my case, a rectangle and two text boxes) Apply a text wrapping and place over the text (In my case a squared wrapping) Pin the group to the text Alt-drag the group to make a copy. The cloned group gets horizontal distortion I've attached a publisher document with the example used. alt-drag-issue.afpub Publisher 1.8.4 MacOS 10.15.7
  13. Is it not possible to respect the naming of a style when copying between two documents? I currently am making an e-book format from a larger format document. It is a process of duplicating the original to a smaller format. It has to be done page by page. When copying a single text frame with text, the target document already has and uses the same Style (name). However, the process of copying creates a new, sequentially numbered version of the same Style. This seems to be more with the created Styles than with the built-in default Styles. An example is a "Box" style that has been created with blue text and a grey background: "Box Blue". The source document has a single "Box Blue" and the target document has a single, identical, "Box Blue." When I copy then paste another frame with that Style, a new Style is created: "Box Blue 1." This happens repeatedly and, as one example, I have 75 sequentially numbered new Styles all with the same settings and same name except for the sequential numbering. This plays havoc with the built-in concept of using a single Style to control many objects using that Style.
  14. I've bee experiencing two recurring issues/bugs using your suite of programs for quite some time now. 1) selecting and copying all layers in a file cause the program to close immediately 2) selecting all layers and clicking on a color (to change the color of the selection) makes the program freeze/crash It happens with all programs (Photo, Designer, Publisher), on two different PCs I own (a desktop and a notebook, both running Windows 10, latest version). All programs are up to date ( now, but I've been experiencing these issues since at least september 2019. Attached is a file where you should easily (I hope) replicate both issues. If you need any additional information (or maybe a video of what happens?), I will be glad to help. Thank you for your support, Davide BIT_pannello_4-5.afdesign
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