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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I would love to be able to import blocks from CAD files (DWG/ DXF/ 3dm) as symbols. That way, I could severely reduce the file size and it would be a huge workflow improvement over Adobe Illustrator, because Illustrator is not capable of importing blocks as symbols either.
  2. Hello - I am opening a CAD .dxf file in Publisher v2. It imports very nicely, however a portion of the .dxf does not appear. In the attached file "cvs_southcounty_trail_fromQGIS.pdf", there is a portion to the very left which is "far away" - I supposed you could call it an inset for lack of a better term. To make this .pdf I opened the file in a software program called QGIS. This program is not however, including all the marginalia (title, scale bar, etc) which is very important. The attached file "cvs_southcounty_trail_fromPublisher.pdf" includes the marginalia (title, scale bar, etc.), but does not bring in the portion that is way to the left (the inset). I have tried all the different settings available when I open the .dxf in Publisher (Apply drawing scale on and off, remove hidden items on and off, display entity handles on and off, display all pages, single page, model) but none of them work to pull in the inset portion of the dxf. I do not have access to a CAD program so have no way to change the .dxf itself I just need to get the .dxf converted, in full, to a .pdf. Any help is much appreciated! Thank you. cvs_southcounty_trail_fromPublisher.pdf cvs_southcounty_trail_fromQGIS.pdf
  3. Hello, I just opened this publicly available PDF file which is ~10 MB in size, yet consumes over 24 GB of memory at times. Illustrator couldn't handle removing the brown hatch, whereas Affinity Designer could. 😃 However, Illustrator only consumes slightly over 5 GB of ram upon opening for the same file, which dropped to 4 GB once Illustrator was recognised as process within the Task manager (Windows 10). Whereas Affinity had been over 20 GB while loading the file and over 24GB when actually working in the file (after having removed the brown hatch and having rotated the file by 90 degrees. Values are CPU % | RAM usage | Disk write speed, it was at 96% so Designer had to use my SSD. I would expect this to be a good file for the team to look at to see whether there are additional performance gains to be had from CAD exports. I really have to praise the development team's efforts, because once open, the navigation is still buttery smooth compared to slow dinosaur that is Illustrator! I was septic at first seeing the 1.9 release video, but now I am impressed. 👍 I do hope this RAM issue could be sorted out. 06_3-5-6-2_PropVar_L3_2004A_P03.pdf
  4. It would be desirable to include basic CAD tools in a future version. Just straight line tool, Compass to draw circle and arcs, dimensioning both straight lines and angles. I think this would make the drawing package more useful even though the app is an illustration app. Especially so in the MAC platform.
  5. Hello, my proposition is, we have an option to export curves to DXF or DWG. Im sure there are more people who not only use Affinity Designer for 2D graphics, but also for using its curves for cutting with laser or others. Sometimes i need DXF file for that, and PDF with curves is not supported by CNC. Obviously i can export it to svg and export by other programs, but its a way around this problem and not really a proper solution.
  6. I have two Questions I. what is the main advantages and disadvantages Affinity Designer vs Corel draw standard 2021? Especially for glass engraving. And it is there some help (workflow) for Affinity Designer engraving? II. It is possible export (import) file from Affinity Designer to the FreeCad (www.freecadweb.org) and it is possible to export from Affinity Designer to the G-code? BTW: I am proud owner Affinity Photo
  7. I was wondering if anyone in the Affinity organization ever considered producing 3D CAD software? It would seem that it could be a good fit for your product line, and if it was produced with the same fantastic features that are in your other products I am sure it would be successful. Just some food for thought. Keep up the good work!! Ron
  8. Hello affinity designer team. I would like to propose some additional type of tools to include in your roadmap priorities. These are the basic precision tools, like what you see in CAD software environments like fusion 360. I cannot emphasize enough the gravity and necessity that this would make affinity designer take a bigger leap towards gaining more users. One of the tools I am referring to are the arc tangent tool similar to fusion 360 (and other cad softwares), typing or input functionality for Line/edge length and angle, and lastly making the rotation angle information visible. There are a lot of things that a vector software can take advantage of some techniques and features that cad softwares use. Not necessarily to dive in all the cad tools, instead just the basic/simple features that we think are very beneficial for vector art. There are situations where an artist needs to have more control on the curves/lines angle Ex: Flourish or ornament designs. Currently, I believe the only angles and curves that an artist can make in affinity designer are just through eye estimation and grid snapping which In my opinion is also great when doing organic stuffs. When you want to apply some simple form of precision and control on creating shapes and curves, that would probably need some form of tools that gives you proper control while at the same time promotes consistency and uniformity. This would also definitely make the workflow much faster and creates an environment for artists to experiment and create innovations with the help of these tools and also with the existing feautres it already has. I hope affinity designer would soon add some kind of features. Thanks. https://autodesk.i.lithium.com/t5/image/serverpage/image-id/192801iEF9AA96E1495B49E/image-size/original?v=mpbl-1&px=-1
  9. Hi all, Complete beginner to the Affinity Designer world, but learning new stuff every day. What I want to know is how to mock-up such images of business cards/promotional material using logos or images created in Affinity? I need to produce some stuff for my current employer. Any help or links to materials which could help would be appreciated! Thanks, John
  10. Anyone knows the AiVpack plugin for Illustrator? I may need to create packages soon but would like to stick to Designer instead of Illustrator. But I guess this does not work. Opinions or experience anyone? http://erpa.de/loesungen/adober-illustratorr-plug-in/index.html
  11. I've read before that Affinity has no plans to take on a live dimensioning/ CADtools-esque functionality in the near future, but can you PLEASE reconsider! This is such a gaping hole in the industry of environmental designers (and frustrated Adobe customers). Please please consider! -S
  12. Hello I often need to manage cad file like DXF and DWG. Is there the possibility to handle them in any further version? thanks! Denis
  13. Would like to see industry standard DXF or DWG export format for exporting vectors to CAD software programs. tx
  14. Hi all, I am new to Affinity Photo, has anyone got any advice on how I can Make my cad visuals attached look more realistic with this software, what would I use to make adjustments? Thank you in advance.
  15. This comes from some issues I had in the past when doing CAD work in Illustrator. Resolution settings sometimes got in the way. A millimetre wasn't always a millimetre in real world scale but interpreted through a resolution setting. Sometimes, it was so far off that it had to be redone in an actual CAD app. Hence my suggestion of adding a dumb format that has everything but Yul Brynner. I mean, resolution. Just real-world SI units. That also means easier routes to common CAD formats that have no resolution modifier.
  16. Has anyone of you used any CAD program? I had them in school (Pro/Desktop; Pro/Engineer; SolidWorks...) and I think it would help a lot with logo design the most if there was an option for adding visible dimensions. something like this https://btechecar.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/main-driving-sketch.png Also I would like to ask again is there support for 3d mouses like 3dconnexion products? :)
  17. would be very useful if program can import and export 2D CAD.
  18. Hi, as an industrial designer I'm using Rhino (Nurbs-Modeling) to create paths from 3D objects which are then handed over to Illustrator. The .ai file exported from rhino is opened by illustrator but not by Designer. It seems like they use something like an older version .AI (attached) It would be great if the .ai importer is able to read these files. Then I (and some other 3D guys) could drop Illustrator altogether. Thanks for considering. test.AI
  19. Finally found the right page... Would be very grateful if Serif could implement filters in AD for the file types above. Many clients are only able to provide files in these formats. Conversion to pdf and importing is a workaround, but adds a large amount of time to completing a drawing/project. Thanks.
  20. I haven't explored the trial version yet so this question maybe premature. Does Affinity support .dxf export or some kind of .dwg for CAD?
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