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  1. Hi, since my very first steps in the different betas to all current version I come across an annoying behaviour. When I want to save or export a file, the palettes of the studio seem to be ABOVE the dialog box of the operation system, so its almost not usable. I always have to first rearrange the studio to get access to the "open" or "export" button. Seems to appear in all three applications, beta and non-beta on my Mac. I hope you can fix this. Thanks .
  2. foddomanoo

    Resizing image in an Picture Frame

    I tried the new behaviour of the picture frame with the zoom slider and I was really confused. The whole workflow is clunky and and does not make much sense: • zooming just changes the size and *almost always* needs a second action of adjusting the photo in the frame, so it sits properly. • there seems to be no shortcut to switch to the tool which changes image size or position in the frame. But it seems to be a weird and unpredictable combination of double-click and long-click (which is a completely new gesture, which comes from touch and does not really make sense on a trackpad/mouse. ) • there are way more steps required to achieve the layout I want; some of them fail and have to be repeated, because the click-gestures are not clear. • lots of mouse movement because of the lack of shortcuts I think the new control set is not handy and also very un-affinity-like. Most of your software has a very cool and easy way of controlling things. Please don't stop here. The smart placement found in the posts above seems the right way to go to me. In combination of the known controls of ADesigner or InDesign. Thanks for considering. Keep on rocking. best Manu
  3. Hi, Im not sure if it is already discussed elsewhere, I could not find it through searching. I regularly observe that export/save/open dialogs in AD (probably it affects the others as well) are covered by floating pallets and can not be properly used. I first have to exit the dialog, move or quit the floating palettes so they are out of the way. Would be nice if the dialog box always floats above everything. This happened on two different computers across different OSs. So I think its not just a bug for me. Thanks I enjoy your great software every day and try to promote it to others. Manu
  4. hi all. thanks for the great beta. one handy idea, which comes from photo-book software, would be a tool, which can easily flip images between frames, to quickly try out different layouts. thanks for considering. manu
  5. foddomanoo

    AI import from Rhino

    I totally agree with you arnaud. Unfortunately Rhino produces these outside-the-frame-files regulary. I might also post this issue in their forum. Thanks for considering. You are awesome guys!
  6. Hi, as an industrial designer I'm using Rhino (Nurbs-Modeling) to create paths from 3D objects which are then handed over to Illustrator. The .ai file exported from rhino is opened by illustrator but not by Designer. It seems like they use something like an older version .AI (attached) It would be great if the .ai importer is able to read these files. Then I (and some other 3D guys) could drop Illustrator altogether. Thanks for considering. test.AI