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my proposition is, we have an option to export curves to DXF or DWG. Im sure there are more people who not only use Affinity Designer for 2D graphics, but also for using its curves for cutting with laser or others. Sometimes i need DXF file for that, and PDF with curves is not supported by CNC. Obviously i can export it to svg and export by other programs, but its a way around this problem and not really a proper solution.

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Yes please, we need this feature so much. Most users are designers, but many of us work with CNC laser/milling systems and the export to dxf/dwg feature is needed.

Please add it asap!

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This is definitely something that needs to be added.

I use 3D software to help in composition of art. I don't use the 3D software for hardcore realism, but to get the layout and views I want when composing. In addition I do it with whatever free 3D software I can find (currently Bryce, Blender, and Sketchup 7 & 8) since I don't need all the bells and whistles to rationalize the thousands of dollars costs to use other more extensive software.

In my case, on my mac, I often create my vector art with Illustrator (hopefully permanently Affinity Designer soon). Then I save it as a DWG/DXF file type. Import that into Google's Sketchup 7. Then use that to work with the file I Imported to create what I want to work with.

Sometimes I use Bryce or Blender of which then I have to copy the file from Sk-Up7 to Sk-Up8, then export the 3D file to DXF, 3DS, or something else that works with Bryce or Blender. The beauty is Sk-Up7 and 8 open independently. Since I can export to DXF and SWI with Sk8, it makes for a very fast working environment for some 3D stuff. 

So, I would really really appreciate getting the DXF/DWG option.

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