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  1. Hello Affinity Folks, I have no idea if I am positing this in the right place so I can only hope so. I don't see a "suggestions for a NEW product" option so I am putting my suggestion here. As I have seen, many people are asking for PDF Form creation and many are asking for it to be incorporated into your existing products. I personally would RATHER see affinity create their own version of LiveCycle. Here is why. If you were to create this software, you could not only make it robust and compatible to all your other software, but it would not be a convoluted mess in code compared to merging these features into your other packages. Updates would be much easier as well as adding in new beneficial features. Best of all it could be MAC compatible. Something Adobe LiveCycle is not. Yes, it would be yet another software package but you already have something from your past even to work from. So it's not like your working from a blank slate. Please give this some consideration and if possible put it out there for us to start testing. My hope of course would be 2020 as, PDF Form Creation (and Internet Webpage Forms) is a desperate need for us designers. Thank you, Epic
  2. How does a person Cancel a process that they started but realized, as it is in progress that they wanted to cancel it (for whatever reason they have)? I have hit the "Esc" key and that does not do it. Thank you
  3. It would be very cool if Affinity could design some OPTIONAL Plugin's for the Fine Artists that are working digitally now. Corel Painter is cool and there are so many others that are also available of course, but a one stop shop always makes life easier. It would be very cool if Affinity were to start creating Plugins that people could download if they are interested in the Fine Art look. There are a lot of people that have no reason to clutter or grow in complexity their software. They are happy with the photo editing, etc. But then there are those of us that boot up Corel Painter (or similar software) to do a nice painting. IF Affinity could create something that offers different paper textures right off and paint brush options that mimic the various FINE ART painting options like they have in Corel, it would be very cool. I for one love just relaxing and doing a painting at times when I am done with a project but it is with Corel (or even photoshop). It would be wonderful to give an optional Plugin or download to give use Fine Artists more to play with. And just for the heck of it, here is a piece I did a while back with Painter. I have tried a number of things and I still can't get this clean or wonderful of an effect with Affinity Photo. Granted, I am sure I will figure out something but dang if it would not be so much easier to have a "Canvas" texture to start with and a selection of Paint Brushes including some that truly give a good "Oil Paint" feel to them. Just sayin'
  4. This is definitely something that needs to be added. I use 3D software to help in composition of art. I don't use the 3D software for hardcore realism, but to get the layout and views I want when composing. In addition I do it with whatever free 3D software I can find (currently Bryce, Blender, and Sketchup 7 & 8) since I don't need all the bells and whistles to rationalize the thousands of dollars costs to use other more extensive software. In my case, on my mac, I often create my vector art with Illustrator (hopefully permanently Affinity Designer soon). Then I save it as a DWG/DXF file type. Import that into Google's Sketchup 7. Then use that to work with the file I Imported to create what I want to work with. Sometimes I use Bryce or Blender of which then I have to copy the file from Sk-Up7 to Sk-Up8, then export the 3D file to DXF, 3DS, or something else that works with Bryce or Blender. The beauty is Sk-Up7 and 8 open independently. Since I can export to DXF and SWI with Sk8, it makes for a very fast working environment for some 3D stuff. So, I would really really appreciate getting the DXF/DWG option.
  5. Excellent. Thank you. Sigh, I doubt I could learn enough programming to jump into that pool of Wizards you have already working on all of this. Wow, you guys are amazing.
  6. Hey Everyone, Is there an actual link that is kind of the "Affinity Wish List"? You know, a link where you put all the stuff you want to see Affinity do. Not just specifically for one of their programs, but the company and directions that it would be cool to see them branch out towards. For example. I would LOVE to see Affinity take over the "Bryce" 3D software, or DAZ as another potential branch. So much stuff is done using 3D and then tossed into Photoshop or some other paint program. Bryce stopped doing development for the Mac long ago but Affinity is a Mac supporter. Soooo.... Ya kinda get the concept? Yeah yeah, it's insane I know, but then again, that's why I was asking about a "Wish List". <3 Just a thought. Hugs everyone. EpicCleric
  7. I have absolutely no experience doing development but, were I to want to see Affinity come to fruition, what would I need to learn to become a developer and help make Affinity reach the goals Mac using Illustrator users need and want? We all know everyone wants the programmer than knows every language and such, but want is actually needed to know to join this team and make Affinity an Illustrator Rival? What, for example would I have to learn? Again, this is out of curiosity. (and, if I know of any people with those skill sets, I would be telling them to try and join your team too) Thanks, EpicCleric PS. Have an awesome day (or night depending on where you are and when you read this)
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