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    design, animation, city metal smith and sheet metal work
  1. Hi, Does anybody have a way to remove the white paper background from a scanned pencil drawing that's easier than with the wand? I found tutorials on the web for PS but nothing seen for AD Thanks!
  2. I haven't explored the trial version yet so this question maybe premature. Does Affinity support .dxf export or some kind of .dwg for CAD?
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    Hello, I'm Tobias, Like some of the other members, I too am a dedicated serif user. I can't believe I'm so late to find out about Affinity! A Mac app?! Seeing that it works very similar to all that I've become so familiar with is exciting in itself. I'm very interested in discovering all the innovations packed in to this baby! Serif products have helped tremendously in developing My Metal Art! www.mymetalart.com