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  1. Thank you so much for helping! I went back to my afdesign document. Selected all the white elements, converted to curves, added their geometries so they are now one element. Still upon exporting to .svg (uncheck viewbox) it loads.....but it is "blank". training.afdesign training_11.svg
  2. I have created a simple design which I hope to use in mapbox as an icon. mapbox requires svg. I export my design to svg but when I load into mapbox, the fill colors are not there. the icon is "there" in my custom styles list but the colors do not appear at all. I have tried multiple different settings on the AD Export More options from the svg export tab (making sure to check Use hex colors, flatten, etc) , but they all have the same result when brought into mapbox. Mapbox has troubleshooting for Illustrator and other problems here - https://docs.mapbox.com/help/troubleshooting/studio-svg-upload-errors/#common-issues I cannot find the equivalent settings for what is suggested for Illustrator in Designer. I also tried to understand the svg file by changing the .svg to .txt and examining it in notepad. I checked the various tags against support / unsupported elements, and I cannot see any problems (admittedly I am not a web designer however) I can see the .svg in both firefox and chrome. Thank you for any help. Windows 10, AD 1.8.2 training.afdesign training_7_unchecksetviewbox.svg
  3. Perfect thank you! I forgot I to mention I am using Designer..... I had not made a rectangle...I was using the Layer Effects on the layer to make the outline. But now I have a Style and successfully applied it. This will save me a ton of time. And the Paste FX works too. Two options - Thanks again!
  4. I have a very simple layer effect - a 4 pixel outline - that I would like to apply to multiple individual layers. Is there a workflow to save a layer effect so that it can be applied over and over again? I thought it might be a style, but I can't seem to save the layer effect as a style. And I don't see anything that allows me to copy / paste a layer effect. Thank you.
  5. Yes please add hyperlinks - I have to go back to Page Plus now
  6. These don't seem to work with Windows version? I unzip, but importing generates an error. Am I doing something wrong?
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