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Found 144 results

  1. I attached one example of how when I am editing symbols, the properties of an element within the symbol appears to break down unexpectedly. This example shows 4 symbols on screen with the two on the left appear to scale from the top, but the symbols on the right side appear to scale from the center. It has happened to me with text, curves, and at times one element of the symbol will remove itself.
  2. chr.schmitz

    AD 1.5.x Symbols Scrambled

    Hello, I have an issue with the great new feature "Symbols". Attached you will find a series of screen shots, which illustrate the problem: ScreenShot1: let's start with a document with 2 groups: Background and Stop Pedale OFF ScreenShot2: make a symbol of Stop Pedale OFF ScreenShot3: duplicate the symbol. ScreenShot4: change the x position in the transform panel to another value (here 540) ScreenShot5: now everything is scrambled! The position of the first symbol moved from 260 to -15.2, and the positions of the child elements have also changed. Attached you will find an archive with the 5 screen shots and the test document. Best, Chris TestDocument.afdesign ScreenShots.zip
  3. In this tutorial I will explain how I've created a simple jigsaw puzzle in AD for a web application. I've used the puzzle pieces as a mask which I have filled with a symbol. The photo is nested inside the symbol. In the 2nd part of this tutorial I explain how to export all 15 puzzle pieces in one step with the Export Persona. Keep on drawin'
  4. smpcteixeira

    Symbols problem

    Hi, I'm having a strange behavior with symbols. I have created a symbol above a background with a color that is used in the symbol too and, as you can see in the files attached, there is an external border that appears in the affinity designer file and when I export to pdf that border appears too. I don't have any border in the shapes I have used as you can see in the file attached. Anyone knows why this is happening and if it is a bug of AD? I need to resolve this because that's an element being part of my CV and I want to send him to a company and it looks horrible. How can I fix this? I appreciate your support, Sérgio Symbols.afdesign
  5. The Symbols Tool makes it soooo easy to create seamless repeating pattern in AD. I've published a tutorial on YT where I explain how to draw a simple chain link seamless repeating pattern. Keep on drawin'
  6. In this tutorial I will explain how I've created a simple jigsaw puzzle in AD for a web application. https://youtu.be/rpbQUSYNCfo I've used the puzzle pieces as a mask which I have filled with a symbol. The photo is nested inside the symbol. In the 2nd part of this tutorial I explain how to export all 15 puzzle pieces in one step with the Export Persona. https://youtu.be/ST2pUlEbOxw Keep on drawin'
  7. Not sure if this is a question or a feature request. It may already exist. Sometimes when working with symbols I want to stop and start a new iteration. I'd love if I could duplicate an artboard and the symbols on the original were also duplicated and became independent. As it is, if I duplicate an artboard with symbols and work on the new duplicate, the symbols in the original also change. In other words, symbols are document wide. Would be great if they were artboard wide only -- or at least to have the choice. Is it possible already? Maybe I'm missing something.
  8. I've published a tutorial on how to create a photo lens in AD with symbols. Hope you like it.
  9. Hello, I have downloaded the iOS UI assets file that comes with AD which is a great showcase of restraints and a great resource, but at my company we design all UI at 1x and the iOS assets are in Retina scale. Scaling doesn't work properly on these assets so I thought I'd make my own collection of UI elements for iOS and Android. How should I save/export the file so that I can import it in the assets panel and use them in any projects? (BTW here's a nice article about the benefits of designing UI at 1x - https://medium.com/shyp-design/design-at-1x-its-a-fact-249c5b896536#.bhxum5ugk) Thanks, Fernando
  10. So far I think this is a great program. I am hoping to replace Adobe with Affinity. I would like to see a way to create simple character styles and paragraph styles. Also a way of creating reusable symbols for UI elements and art boards for different size web pages.
  11. I need to assign to a lot of SYBMOL boxes different names but want to retain the ability to change the buttons size and the font later on without having forced the same name on every button. Like name plates for tenants on a building block or names on a metro map - different names with identical outlook.
  12. From AD "Import and Export file formats", GIF, JPEG, and PNG have an x under the Import column. And above: "Affinity Designer is capable of opening many raster and vector file formats directly." How?
  13. Hi, I just tried to add some symbols to my project in order to edit just one of them and have the others adapt automatically. So I dragged to instances of the same symbol preset from the assets panel to my artboard (iOS 10 slider). But when I'm resizing one of them, the other stays in the original shape. In the symbol panel, there is just one instance of the used symbol and the synch-button is activated. I know, that the synchronization worked before, so I just screwed up somewhere :( The tutorial video ( ) seems not to be up to date, because I can't even drag symbols to my assets panel. Can anybody help? :)
  14. Hi, I was wondering if there is a maximum number of symbols to be added to a document? I have been working with an array of logos. I have put all the building elements as symbols, also derivatives variants thereof (i.e. colour variants). After reaching 36 symbols, it seems impossible to add new symbols. Is this a known limit or is could it be some other bug kicking in? If it's a known limit, it could be adequate to make it clear that this limit exits. (I will revise what kind of variants I keep as a separate symbol to bring the number down in my document) Also a couple of comments on the interface for Symbols (I'm sure some of them have been mentioned before during the beta of 1.5): It's not easy to understand the states of the Sync button. Which is on and which is off. A checkbox would have been more easy to understand and more in line with the rest of the interface. A way to organise symbols other than in addition order would help when one have more than a very few symbols. Alternative background (light) for dark symbols. Being able to rename symbols is great. Why not put the current name as the default value in the renaming field? Thanks, /Miro
  15. macOS 10.12.2 Affinity Designer 1.5.4 & 1.5.5 beta 1 Steps to Reproduce import PSD that has pixel layer. create symbol (include pixel layer). create symbol instance. move the instance by drag. layout pixel layer in the symbol is broken. * * The instance is OK, this problem occurs in the original symbol and other instances.
  16. Summary: When working with multiple copies of a single, nested symbol, the nested symbol gets out of sync whenever I insert an additional symbol into it. Steps to reproduce: 1. open a new, empty file 2. create three shapes 3. create one symbol from each of the three shapes 4. group the three shapes (now symbols) 5. create a new (nested) symbol from the group. 6. add another copy of the nested symbol to your drawing. (Now you have two copies of the same three shapes on the screen.) 7. take one of the three symbols you created in step 3 from the symbols menu and drag it into the workspace. 8. open the layers menu and insert the symbol from step 7 into the nested symbol you created in step 5. Expected result: The symbol you added to the nested symbol that was created in step 5 should also appear inside the nested symbol inserted in step 6. Actual result: The symbol inserted in step 8 appears inside the first nested symbol but not the second. The two copies of the nested symbol are now out of sync with each other, although the sync button was on the whole time. Additional notes: If, instead of inserting a symbol, in step 8, you insert an ordinary shape, then both copies of the nested symbol update correctly. Attached files: An example file showing the situation after the two nested symbols have come out of sync with each other. Interesting side note: Allowing users to insert symbols into existing symbols opens up the possibility of creating an infinitely nested symbol, by inserting a nested symbol into itself. Fixing this bug would require some logic to prevent that from happening. This problem is further complicated by the possibility of more complex nesting loops. For example, symbol a contains symbol b, which contains symbol c. Then inserting symbol a into symbol c also creates an infinite nesting loop. So it is not sufficient to simply prevent symbol a from being inserted into itself. We would also have to prevent users from inserting any symbol that contains symbol a at any level of nesting. nested symbols error.afdesign
  17. I would love to see a feature similar to sketch's "exclude text values" option for symbols. This allows the user to have one symbol but stil be able to change the text content within the symbol without it changing the others. The text style, color etc... is still synced just not the actual value of the text. This would be extremely useful for buttons and inputs styles. Keep up the great work guys!
  18. MrDoodlezz

    Snowflake Icon Generator

    Hey guys, the holiday spirit got me and I experimented a little with new symbol palette in Designer. I thought maybe this will be useful for someone out there who’s creating last minute greeting cards, name-tags for presents or other related stuff – or just for fooling around. ;) Here’s an example, an inspirational little how-to clip plus the file. Snowflake Generator.afdesign Happy holidays and enjoy! :) Dennis
  19. Hello, I was trying to create a button using symbols and each buttons has different labels, so what I did is I disabled sync for the text and re-enabled it again once I'm done updating the text content I then tried to change the font family of the text but the change is not being sync to the buttons I updated. Is there a way for me to re-sync the text layer again so that if I need to update the font family I won't have to do it for every buttons..kinda defeat the purpose of using symbols if I can't do that. Thanks!
  20. So finally i moved my worflow off the photoshop to designer for GUIs. First i have to say, i admire the way you put effort into changing hegemony of Adobe aswell on windows :) Maybe some points im experiencing just because im new to the software, so sorry in advance, and overall, good job people! i have following things :) Bugs (in my opinion) - auto slices dont work precise - i have 50x artboard 640x680, positioned on whole pixels, no objects overlapping. Still some of the artboards autoslices show 641x480... would help add some kind of "align slice to artboard". - automatic updates of exported slices does not activate if i manually change the slices size.. - editing text on 4k monitor - if i turn on pixel preview, then if i click into the text, and write something, its somehow distorted and lost - seems to me like it does not count with OS DPI settings and the whole detail of text is zoomed? dont really know... when i zoom out, and back in, all back visible and correct. Happens aswell sometimes, not allways... :( - artboards and symbols :) - sometimes (thats again exactly when it happens :) ) when i duplicated artboard containing groups with symbols, those symbols are linked trough all artboards, but aswell their visibility, position etc. So when i hide/move/delete FOLDER XY (symbol), same is done allover the artboards in all instances. I would understand if this happens when i make changes IN the symbol folder - change the specific symbol itself, but not with the folder... ? - zooming in/out - i have document defined in pixels. lets say artboard 0,0,640x480 - inside simple vector layer, rectangle, 0,0, 640,480, with no stroke, just filled. still, artboard and this rectangle does not lay exactly over. there is allways gap between eachother. - pixel persona - when i select something and come back to vector persona, the selection remains with no possibility to remove it? - workspace on 2 monitors - when monitors go sleep, all the windows on second monitor are reseted to first monitor after wakeup (but OMG, it just work to have different DPI monitors with visually same menu sizes! thanks for that ! ;) ) Maybe missed something, or feature request? - i was very happy with one feature from adobe - when selecting in pixel persona with mouse, hold space for adjusting the origin (as it works in creating lets say rectangle in vector) - did i miss something or is it not possible? - unable to find info panel - to see info about selection in pixel persona - subjective slow performance on large multi artboard documents (to be exact 40x 640x480 screens, very simple graphics, few text areas, few vectors) - well i have 64G ram, 16(32) core processor, m.2 fast ssd disks, radeon pro duo, but still simple renaming slice take 4sec to click on it...Any chance for improvement?
  21. Hello When 2 symbols containing pixel layers are moved, 1 of the pixel layers will also move relative to the symbol. i.e. a symbol containing a rectangle layer with a pixel layer centred on top has 2 instances on screen. When the 2 instances are moved together, one of the pixel images will (probably) be outside the rectangle, the other will be centred, as it should be. See attached video. - Draw a rectangle - Make it a symbol - Duplicate it (alt + drag) - Go to pixel persona - Draw a pixel image on top of the rectangle (on the video I draw the image then drag it into the symbol) - There are now 2 identical symbols containing a rectangle with a pixel image on top - Go back to draw persona - Select both symbols and drag elsewhere on the screen - 1 symbol does what you think it should do (move where you've dragged it) - The other symbol also moves but the pixel image moves somewhere else - (Select the pixel layer for the erroneous pixel image and the highlight box appears in a different place to the image) OSX 10.11.6 Designer 1.5.4 Paul
  22. Hi there, I have a issue, I can't active the symbols and the Constraints tabs when I am on Separated Mode.
  23. I am new to AD, I saw this cool Drag and Drop symbol for Ai on the "Creative Market" website and was wondering can this be done in AD. below is a link to a video of what the plug-in does. Any help or insight would be great! video https://creativemarket.com/ianbarnard/762525-Drag-Drop-WoodType-for-Illustrator
  24. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere. The new Symbols feature seems very useful, though I was very surprised when, after creating several while working in one file, the symbols palette was then blank when I started a new document the next morning. Are any symbols created limited to that specific document or have I missed something? I'm relatively new to AF after hundreds of hours with Inkscape. Thanks
  25. 3 feature requests for symbols: The ability to nest symbols within symbols (simply MUST happen) This will allow the user to create composable elements that can be nested inside each other, so any change that is made to a small symbol can only happen to that symbol, and that symbol can be re-used a other, larger symbols. This is an incredibly simple, yet incredibly powerful idea that can allow users the ability to minimize manual work and maximize productivity and creativity. This is an important feature that Sketch does not currently support. The ability to unlink certain attributes inside individual instances of a symbol (same shape, but colors, sizes, visibility, per instance can vary) Let's say the user wants a button to be used twice, but wants the color of each instance of that button to be different. If the user has the ability to link or unlink individual styles, then this would be possible. Another good example is size. Let's say I make a widget Icon and I want to use that across the mobile, tablet and desktop versions of an app design. I don't want to have to remake the icon at different sizes. I just want to use the same icon, but scale it to the appropriate size for the app design in question. Best way to implement request 2 would be to have a styles list for each instance with a green link next to each shared style. If the user clicks the green link, it turns into a red broken link, then that particular style can be changed in that particular instance, without affecting the other instances of that symbol.This is an important feature that Sketch does not currently support. The ability to change the master instance of a symbol in a project (because that sort of thing may change over time ). Sometimes I want to work on a symbol in one context and then have all other instances updated. But sometimes I want to work in a different context and have all other instances updated. As a side note, this forum rich text editor dos not seem to allow for line spacing or before and after paragraph spacing, or even tabs...so the lack of those things makes it difficult to edit posts and make them readable... Anyway, thanks for listening, Richard Nash Los Angeles, CA