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  1. PasoPasi

    No Brush Indicator

    we all want a BRUSH INDICATOR for the selected object !
  2. I use Designer 1.6.1 (on Mac OS X Yosemite), italian language. Offset/Inset feature would be very nice. A feature allowing to see the name of the brush applied, when i select an object, would be very nice. THX
  3. PasoPasi


  4. PasoPasi

    The Box Set by Wren

    same problem for me, i have just replied to your email Jef.
  5. It would be nice a feature like AutoCAD POLAR ARRAY, so you can place object/selections around a specified point, or along a specified path. The essential options are : number of objects, angle between objects, radius of array, rotate objects ON/OFF. Thank you :)
  6. Hi, not sure this is a sacred Mandala, but my intentions are good ! :) Made with CAD and AD 1.5 (because i didn't know the Symbol function) , thanks to this post I will now use it. @PasoPasi
  7. found a photo i like (must i post it ?), worked over it.