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Found 395 results

  1. Hi is there a lasso selection option in designer to select the shapes we want to include within a selection?
  2. Hi.. I would like to AP have feature to select overlapped layer like photoshop. but, not same with PS. here are my idea. 1. select with command + right cursor click calls layer name. just select wanted layer to select. this is traditional usage like PS / pic-1 2. each layer field have option. when check right arrow, these layers being temporary selected group. this selected layers can be isolated with "hide unselected layers" which need to add to Layer's sub menu /pic-2 how about this?
  3. [UPDATE 2]: Resolved. See my post below. It appears to have been a caching issue with the program itself during upgrade. My steps to reproduce and fix it are also there. Cheers. [UPDATE]: Just went to a previous version and have the same issue, but hadn't used the took in quite some time. Am I simply trying to use it in a way it's intentionally not being enabled? On the latest Affinity Photo (v1.6.4.104) on Windows 10 64-bit, the free hand selection tool won't let me select the polygon and magnetic options, and I can't select a mode (add/subtract/intersect) either. This is the case on background, new pixel layers, rasterized layers, etc. There is no interaction. It's as if they are simply unselectable, even from a UI interaction perspective.
  4. Yeah, today I lamost rage uninstalled AD because at first I couldn't figure out how to select multiple nodes from multiple aligned objects. In Illustrator it is really simple, you activate direct selection tool and drag select all nodes you want (marquee feature) in the straight line. In AD first I had to go to preferences and enable 'select objects when intersect with selection marquee', then with move tool I need to click and drag to select objects I want, convert objects to curves and then with node tool I can finally(!) drag and select nodes I want to move. WOW! Feature request: Node tool should have the marquee feature enabled right away without the need to previously select objects. Also, why is there a need to convert to curves? P.S. It seems that "common sence" logic works differently for different people depending on their background. Whenever there is an issue, I have to google the solution. Why not just make a small popup at the tool location that notifies the user that square needs to be converted to curve in order to use node tool on the boject. Instead I have to search the forums and create new topic about it. Thank you for reading.
  5. Affinity Designer The problem is when i try to export an object and choosing Selection without background, the Soft Light blending effect doesn't work. I think it is working on the previous version (1.6.3) Maybe you can try my screenshot to make sure. Thanks!
  6. ChrisPWilliams

    Macro Limitations

    Is there any way that Select by luminosity of Layer can be recorded in a macro. E.g. Ctrl, Shift an left clicking the layer gives you a selection based on luminosity (the brightest pixels) However if you try to record this as a part of a macro you get a warning that states layer selections cannot be recorded as macro. Basically, we should be able to record every action we do in a macro as in Photoshop. Come on Serif this is a basic requirement. Cheers in anticipation
  7. I'm on the 12.9 iPad pro 2nd gen. I load the image attached to try and use as a learning tool. My goal is to select just the tree and use the brush tool to paint on a color overlay. However Everytime I do this the brush tool affects both the tree and the sky. My process so far has been. Open image. Use in painting to remove some stray black dots. Use the option in the selection persona to select by color of sky. Adjust range to fill out sky only and click the check mark to select. Now my selection is perfect so I invert and move to the photo persona I choose the paintbrush. Lower to opacity and start brushing and it effects the entire image. I tried creating a mask layer from the selection but this hides the sky. I researched the selection refinement tutorial and I suppose I must be missing something.
  8. Hi, when i 1. apply a live perspective filter 2. use "select by color" from menue The selection is shown without noticing the perspective filter (pic 1). I have to disable the perspective filter layer to get consistent display (pic 2)
  9. Hi I am pretty sure to migrate from photoshop to Affinity Photo for two reasons: - I can not stand the Adobe policy anymore. - I can see a very active forum for Affinity product, like a lot of good freewares or Vegas Pro. Then, I make my first topic: The Move Tool is not complete: If I drag a complete image holding Crtl, the Move Tool create a duplicate of the image and then I can move it letting the first untouched. Well. But this feature don't works any more if I do the same thing with a selected part, the Ctrl key do nothing. I must before duplicate the selected part doing Crtl+J or Copy and Past. I expect that it works wit a portion of the image too. A lot of software can do that. e.g.: Photoshop can do this holding the Alt key and drag and drop. Pressing Alt keu, even the cursor change appearance. Thank you
  10. I would like to have a shortcut to select the layer below or above the currently selected layer. In Affinity Photo I was able to create a macro which does exactly that. However, I couldn't find a way to assign a shortcut to this macro. So my wish is to either have: 1) a separate menu item to select a layer below or above the currently selected layer 2) a method to assign shortcuts to individual macros
  11. Hi there. Is it possible to select a series of nodes (from multiple objects) using a window selection (using the node selection tool, not the move tool), in order to grab hold of some of the nodes on the objects and move them, but not all of the nodes? That is, not moving using the move tool which simply stretches all the objects, but being able to select a portion of nodes, and move those. I know it will work with one object if you select the object first with the node tool and then drag a selection, but it will not work with multiple objects, and also will not work with a line of only two nodes. If this isn't available it seems insane that this isn't a feature. Apologies if it is, I'm new to the program but I could find nothing in any forum about it. This is a feature built into the white selection arrow within Adobe illustrator and I use it all the time. I can't imagine every Affinity user is selecting each node one at a time to move them, that seems absolutely crazy to me! See picture - in my example, I am trying to select all the nodes within in green box in order to move this portion of my dimension. (As a side note the ability to add arrow heads to lines would be great! instead of having to draw triangles). Aside from these things, I'm very happy with both Photo and Designer. Please help! Best regards,
  12. I have a photo that includes several round balls. I want to select one of the balls, which is mostly round and I would like to use the 'Elliptical Marquee Tool' not the Selection Brush because I can 'see' the edges I want better than the Selection Brush. But I just don't get how to use the Elliptical selection tool. If I start a new selection at say point X, Y, the larger the selection, the more the 'top left' corner moves off of X,Y to a new position, X+a, Y+b. My selection ends up not aligning perfectly the ball. How do I micro adjust the selection to get the proper alignment? I don't have the 'balls' shot handy but assume this light is a ball and I want to very carefully select a round object. I don't understand why I can't start the circle at the top left edge or how to properly refine it later
  13. Hi, when i select a part of my picture and try to insert the selection with ctrl+j into an layer i get this behaviour like shown in the attached video. Is this a Bug or a feature or do i have to make some settings in the Preferences? Regards aXel selection_behaviour.mp4
  14. snowite

    Selection Tool

    Hi All, I am happy about recent upgrades to designer and photo and have installed the last round of updates. Since the last install, I have run into a few issues. 1. the selection and copy feature now requires me to select the item, then select the big arrow to copy. No issues. I can work with that. It may have been user error all along. I was always used to select-then copy - then paste and the image selected would copy. Now i have to take the extra steps of select image area-select the big arrow- copy - then paste. 2. It appears to be issues with the selection tools: (code?) When I go into effects and select the color overlay feature: or use the color select eyedropper I get the big circle that shows me the colors i am wanting to select. Hurray! but then I cannot select the colors. Seems the mouse click NEVER completes the action...Well, I have to tell you I have had a ton of fun with this new feature..!!!! I get the big circle following my mouse all around the screen, other programs, even my browser. I can click links, close browser windows, ALL the while seeing the BIG BEAUTIFUL COLOR SELECTOR! It does get a bit difficult at times as the BIG CIRCLE covers everything and I have guestimate the actual button or link I am trying click or close. I then have to go and kill the affinity process before I can use the program again. The program works fine if I don't want color changes!.. I am sort of in a quandary about that- I mean I really like colors... but it is really becoming a bit of a hassle with the big circle thing....and i even tried selecting the BIG arrow..it doesn't turn it off. Any Help suggestions as to what is causing this latest issue? Don't get me wrong-- I really like games and puzzles and stuff- I just need to get some work done. (BTW.. it is a hit and miss thing.. It will work for a while then suddenly,, wham bang! there it is!!! :()
  15. Hello! What could be the problem when I cannot select an object with neither the Move Tool nor the Node Tool by simply clicking on it? Dragging a selection marquee around the complete object works, also"Select object when intersects with selection marquee", but not click-selecting it. in outline mode, it's working as expected, but not in vector mode. Thanks! Best regards Eugen
  16. Hi all, I hope you can help me with this: I can't find the 'Refine' button. It used to be there but I've somehow lost it. I tried 'reset studio' but still no button. I'm know I'm overlooking something obvious but a hint will do! Looking forward to hearing from you, Kevin
  17. I have windows based Affinity and I've updated and still selection brush is not working. I click on it and go to draw around subject or object and nothing happens. What am I doing wrong please?
  18. Hey Everyone, I'm using the projects in the workbook. I was learning the freehand tool and it is not working properly. When I try to use it, I draw the selection you can see in the "desired" pic below. However, when I release, I end up with a semi-circle which does not look like what I drew. It also doesn't match what's in the book. Has anyone had this problem? Am I doing something incorrectly? Please help! I'm using the most current updated Mac OS X. I've tried closing other programs, reinstalling affinity, and all the other usual solutions.
  19. When refining a selection with Apple Pencil drawing a refine' line on the mask and lifting the pencil off the screen, then touching screen again (quickly) causes the spinning timer refine action to continue forever. App has to be closed and reopened to clear refine action. Easily repeatable problem. ipad Pro 10.5. Official release of 1.65 AP
  20. I don't know if this is a bug or if I'm doing somethings wrong but I cannot select objects directly on the canvas by clicking them directly with the move tool. I've actually tried following the Select, Find and Isolate Objects (Affinity Designer) video on Youtube with no success. The layer in question is unlocked and visible, I'm in Draw Persona with the Move Tool is selected. I can select objects by selecting on the layer in the layers palette, which is not as convenient. Affinity Designer 1.6.0 macOS Sierra 10.12.6
  21. Hi In Photoshop is possible to create outline from selection. I can use Outline to create same, but quality is quite awful. Another way would be to create path from selection. Is it already in roadmap and when it would appear to AP? - Nikolai
  22. I'm Affinity iPad newbie. Looked high and low and tried all I can, but.....how does one copy a selection to a new layer that can be blended with the original layer? Something I do easily and repeatedly in PS. Yes, I can do it on mainframe Affinity. Many thanks for the help!
  23. I'd love to be able to "resize canvas to selected objects" or, perhaps even better, "create new from clipboard". So far, that's my only missing feature... Hopefully it's an easy feature to implement too! :) All the best, keep up the great work-- -Sunny
  24. I am using the Flood Select Tool in Photo (in Windows 10). It seems to work differently than other softwares (I have compared it to Paint.NET's Magic Wand, Krita's Contiguous Selection Tool and GIMP's Fuzzy Select Tool). If I start with a blank canvas and paint using a brush with low hardness to get soft edges and then use the Flood Select Tool, it only wants to select the entire outer bounds of the brush strokes regardless of the tolerance. If I pick a color from the gradient edge and draw with it and then use the Flood Select Tool, it seems to want to distinguish between the previously drawn strokes and the new ones. However if I select the newly drawn strokes, I would expect it to also include pixels from the edges of the first strokes, because the color of the second was picked from that edge. Please see attached gif. Expected behavior or a bug?
  25. First of all very nice job on the mobile app! There's still room for improvement, but it's by far the best iPad app in it's category. The features that I would like to see in the new version are: persistent tool selection - specifically, I do a lot of pixel art work, which means I use the pixel brush. However, every time I need to use the Selection persona, I come back to the brush tool being reset to it's default tool, the paint brush. This is quite annoying as I always have to tap 2 times just to go back to the brush I was using. If Affinity would remember I selected the pixel brush my workflow would be much improved switching personas and having personalized menus on 2-finger tap is cool, however, once I make a selection and go back to the drawing persona to move/resize/draw something I cannot access the Select menu without having to switch back to the Select persona. Most of the times I just need to deselect all, so having to tap 3 times is frustrating. I would like to have an option to deselect without switching personas. Maybe long press on the Select persona button in the toolbar gives me the Select menu without switching, maybe 2-finger tap includes some selection items as well even in the default drawing workspace. the fill color I feel should be the color that you're drawing with, not a different one. This is a standard in all drawing software and it's a logical implementation of real life painting - you use your brush to paint small areas, you dump the whole bucket of paint to fill in a large area. Having 2 active colors is nice, but the ability to switch between them and have a primary one which all tools use makes more sense than arbitrarily assigning different colors to different tools. Keep up the awesome job! Thanks! t