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  1. I also attach the project in Photoshop and Affinity if you want it Affinity work.afphoto Photoshop work.psd
  2. Hi guys! So, I have been triying to cut this guy from this image, but I can´t make a good selection. I have some problems with thoose small parts in his body, and I also have some weird edges when i refine it. I have tried it on Photoshop and I have been able to cut it almost perfecctly in just 2 minutes, what do I am doing wrong??!! Please help me!! I attach (In order) the original photo, the final result made in Afinity Photo, the final result made in Photoshop, the most difficult part for me of this image and also the weird edges I have when refining the selection. Thanks everyone!
  3. Thanks everybody for your help!! So, what I did was using the contrast between the hair and the background in the blue channel to make a better selection. Then I saved it on a separate channel and redefined on the real image, with some tweaks using ramp and feather. I think i got some decent results!! Then i changed the background to see good it was made. Here you have my work difficult hair.afphoto
  4. Hi everyone! I´m very new to Image editing, and I have been working with affinity photo for about 2 weeks, trying new things and tutorials around the web. Yesterday I decided to take a challenge, mask some girl´s hair, bute I can´t! Can someone help me do this? I don´t know what settings to use when refining edges around the hair and how to get some good selection. I put here the image to you so you can try it and if you are able to select and mask that hair pls let me know how you did it!! Thanks everybody!!!

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