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  1. I am finding that paragraph styles in Affinity Publisher Mac are prone to 'collect' an unwanted character style, and become corrupted. Correcting this back on the job and applying 'update style' doesn't work. The workaround which I have found to work for me is to delete ALL default styles -- groups, para styles, character styles, the lot. And then, starting from scratch and using the dialogue on the left of the text style edit pane, to set the relatively few para styles, each including character/typographic details, that I use in a publication. As an observation, the Help system details are inadequate. There are many slightly different systems for setting styles, relating paragraph parameters to font parameters, inheritance, shortcuts etc. The Help system information on styles needs to be both clear and comprehensive – for sure users will need to refer to it.
  2. I am finding that paragraph styles are prone to 'collect' an unwanted character style, and become corrupted. Correcting this back on the job and applying 'update style' doesn't work. See my post on the general feedback Affinity Publisher Mac forum which gives more detail – and I would like some help with this! TLW26 June 30 new.afpub
  3. On a new document, I deleted all styles and set up the few I need with 2 base styles and a few paragraph styles and some extra character styles. All OK to begin with, but then I found one style would 'grab' another and they became corrupted with unwanted extra character attributes. Strangely, on the Styles Edit page, the style information was showing as correct. The paragraph style seemed to be acquiring an additional character style and was shown as e.g. Body text ¶ + demi bold itals. Text style update doesn't work to correct this. (I would also observe that the base styles group do not act as proper base styles as it is necessary to put in all the basic font information again.) Any suggestions for how to avoid this corruption where a style acquires another style?
  4. It's the beta of the prospective Publisher. Killing all existing styles and starting afresh sounds like good advice to me
  5. I am using beta I am finding that setting styles is producing unexpected behaviour. Paragraph styles sometimes include unwanted para spacing and bullets A paragraph style with an associated character style should override a previous style (or no style). This isn't happening. Also the keyboard shortcuts don't seem to be working for me. On my present document, styles are unusable at present I am 25+ years experienced with different applications and ways of setting and using styles, but I can't make this opne work! Maybe I am missing something, or it is a known difficulty with this beta?
  6. Yes, it should. It seems (from quite a lot of experimenting) that in practice it is hit and miss. Opened Affinity afresh, opened the doc afresh and tried to copy and paste. Error sound. Didn't work. Opened second image and placed first one with it on a wide canvas. Rasterised placed image as you advised. At this point I was able to to copy and paste to a new layer. Selecting/moving presented its own challenges but I got there. Not intuitive! May I respectfully suggest: • Developer sandpaper -- there are rough edges here. • Include the missing Layers menu command: Copy to new layer • Clear searchable instructions in Help doc
  7. I'm having difficulty copying a selection to a new layer. It's a kind of routine thing for making comps... I'm more used to PS and Affinity may work differently so can someone walk me through this please? Sorry if this is a simple question, but a forum search for "copy selection to new layer" did not offer any results and I couldn't see it under 'Help'.
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