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  1. Hi, I have found a bug where the program crashes consistently whenever I press CTRL-Z after using the brush tool. Steps to reproduce: Open new document In vector persona draw some lines with the brush tool using CTRL-Z undo the lines Go to pixel persona Using brush tool make some lines on the page Use CTRL-Z undo the lines Go back to Vector persona Make some lines using the brush tool Using CTRL-Z undo the lines (the program will now become unresponsive) If you undo using the edit>undo menu it does not crash, only when using the keyboard shortcut does it crash. It does this every time for me, whether it is a new document or not. I am using AD version Thanks, Ben
  2. Is this intentional or is it just something not fixed yet? It seems pretty unhelpful.
  3. Hi guys. I am using affinity designer, I have a few objects grouped, three text objects and a background image, from top to bottom, in that order in the layers palette. I can select any object by clicking it individually, or by selecting it in the layers palette, however when I drag across multiple objects I keep selecting the background layer, either in conjunction with the desired elements or instead of them. Is there any way to stop either an individual layer from being selectable or perhaps prevent any locked layer from being selectable? I am aware that being able to select locked layers is by design but for me it seems to cause more issues than it fixes, is there a way to stop locked layers being selectable? At the moment the only solution is to turn that layer off visually but I still need to see what I am working with just don't want it to be selectable. Thanks, Aero
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