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  1. I would love it if Affinity Designer for iPad and Desktop would have a built-in emulation of traditional media such as watercolor which flows and mixes in real time similar to the real thing. Currently there are a few apps/programs that can do this such as an Adobe project called Gemini which will have a paint/watercolor emulator for both iPad and desktop. A basic watercolor emulator in Adobe Sketch, and a very detailed one in Rebel 3 by escape motions. A demo video of Rebel's watercolor in action. A video of watercolor brushes being used in adobe sketch. Adobes project Gemini iPad App in action. Project Gemini's Watercolor Emulation in Action.
  2. Would love to see support for the option for us to scale the ui. Currently the ui in designer, mainly the text is too small. I'm using Illustrator ATM and the difference in environments is literally giving me a headache. I'm even getting sore eyes looking at the tiny text.