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  1. Bussty

    Burn tool not burning

    Thanks Chris, fingers crossed! If you look at work by Cole Thompson he lives by the Burn and Dodge tools and in particular how you can target just Highlights, Middle Tones or Shadows. AP would just not be an option for him with the current functionality. Cheers Andrew
  2. Bussty

    Burn tool not burning

    There is definitely something up with the Dodge and Burn Tools. The attached image shows a Grey Scale with 100% Opacity and Flow Dodge and Burn Brushes drawn horizontally as follows... Burn Highlight - Looks OK possibly burning more shadow detail than I would have thought Burn Middle Tones - Probably OK surprised it darkened the whole range Burn Shadows - Hmm seems to really burn middle tones more than anything! Then Dodge Highlight - OK Dodge Middle Tones - Probably OK again quite surprised it lightened the whole range Dodge Shadows - Something wrong here looks just like the middle tone dodge. Definitely looks like some work needs to be done here or am I missing something? Cheers Andrew
  3. Hi there I find it quite useful using a recolour layer and a really bright colour (like lime) to highlight specific selected areas using the Blend Options interface. My thinking is if I use the recolour layer to show my selection is there a way to copy that across to say a Curves or Levels layer so I know exactly what I'm adjusting? Look forward to any reply. Many thanks Andrew Busst