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  1. sorry Hubert - ik was net te laat hiermee hiermee bedoel je de border-width ? die standaard op 10 % staat
  2. Dank u Hubert. Schuilt er een voordeel hierin ipv dat je een masker zou maken? Antoine Gent/O-Vl
  3. Thank you Alfred By the way, it’s unrealistic to expect a reply in less than twelve hours. Forum members are spread around the globe, so there may not be anyone near your time zone who can answer your questions that quickly. In any case, it’s best to leave your original post intact so that future visitors to the thread can see what your question was. But I thought in this case it was all these manual adjustments that cause the trouble
  4. thank you gabriel - sorry for digging further (am in the category of newby ...) how would you 'reveal' vs 'hide' - do you mean with black and white - or with a modifier on the paintbrush
  5. a 'manual' ??? selection via google serarch I found (which is somewhere in this forum) this: If you want truly manual control you can use Quick Mask mode (after closing the Refine Selection dialog). Quick Mask mode is entered by pressing the appropriate button in the middle of the toolbar at the top of the main window. Then you can use any of the painting tools and filters to edit the selection. Which painting tools and filters ? Which tools would you use to repair the dammage?
  6. Not at all! still struggling with refine. Carefully selected 'kalonice' with the selection brush tool - small brush. Made a mask and a white fill layer. See the result: 1 = no refinement - 2 = once it was refined What am I doing wrong? Am I using the wrong selection tool? Is this because it is a very bad picture, with no contrast between the pumpkin and the background? Is there a way to enhance the contrast - for example with an adjustment layer - which one? Can you get rid of the adjustment afterwards? Can you do other things before proceeding with the selection? ps: am humbly admitting to be a newbie - I have tried several things the good thing is that I think to have made progress in selecting I have done several times the https://player.vimeo.com/video/130974710/ am not sure I have the same outcome as the video does ... and the pumpkin is fortunately not hairy
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