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  1. solved it: anti-alias was turned on for the lasso tool! Here I was looking at the wrong solution. Thank you for your time, Gabe and I apologize for any inconveniences.
  2. I replicated the same circle you did just now and there was no line in the middle. HOWEVER in the document I uploaded to you and as clearly seen in the file (zz_problem.jpg) there are border lines where I used the bucket tool using the same tolerance level. I'm not coloring on the same layer as the ink lineart, and this problem did not occur for over 50 pages until recently. I know it's the bucket/fill tool, because the borderlines are only appearing on the color layer.
  3. So I discovered that if I zoomed in close enough on the color layer a thin line is still visible through the colors. This is making coloring frustrating as magic wand/quick select won't select the line in question since it's a separate color. Like say, I have a circle that is red: I select then fill half of it with blue (0% tolerance) and then do the same with the other side, it will leave a thin red line in the middle. Hiding the inks layer I have reveals an ugly mess ( zz_problem.JPG). There must be a selection or fill setting that I tweaked by accident because I have not had this problem before in previous pages (as you can see in 0_characters_ night.JPG). Would appreciate some help as I need to make this comic as professional as possible. I still have the file from last time uploaded but if necessary I can upload the most recent page.
  4. How is that effecting layers beneath it though?? Because I didn't color in the same layer where the client's linework is. Well either way, I discovered that I tweaked the gamma a little too high with the adjustments tab in this page, so that might've been the problem? Because now in future pages I just "erased the white" and then duplicated the black line art + merge down to make it darker instead of using any adjustments. Now the bucket tool doesn't leave a line anymore in the layers below it...but like, I have no idea why it did in the page I sent you. Anyway, thanks for trying to help at least!
  5. Yes it is, but try filling in any area with the paint bucket and then select in the same area and fill with the previous color. Anything below 30% will leave a line through the colors.
  6. I don't know how much it would help then, but I uploaded the image to the dropbox. Apologies for the wait. Personally, I still haven't found a reason to why the bucket is leaving a visible line. I've worked around it by doing extra steps in brushing it over but it's really slowing down my work flow. Any help as to what I'm doing wrong would be appreciated!
  7. Oh np! Apologies for the big file, but this is usually the size I work in. 17-1.afphoto
  8. so this is a weird glitch paint bucket fill glitch that just happened today. I have been working with the paths and bucket tool for over a year now for a comic book client, so this is the first time I've seen this glitch in where filling in a new color creates an ugly visible line in the borders. This makes extra geometric shapes to select when color sampling and overall makes everything look really messy. My fill setting are at the normal 0% tolerance and contiguous checked off. I'm at a loss of how to fix this.
  9. I apologize, I had the "transparent background" turned off right before I shared the document. I looked into the problem and apparently blogger doesn't take .pngs that well. I've hosted the image on another site and the white did not show up. I'll find another way or just deal I suppose. Thank you all for your help!
  10. Hello, so this is a problem I'm having trying to upload a transparent image to my blogger page. I have read the other forum posts but none of them seemed to fix my problem. I've done the following to the image: -separated the image from the white background with the selection tool: it is on one layer. -I have "transparent background" turned on -I exported the image as a PNG, bilinear, and area marked as "selection without background". Yet this is what I get on my blog: I'm at a loss to what I need to do to make it transparent. If needed I uploaded the affinity file in question. 1.afphoto
  11. Second option worked, thank you! Turns out the layer mask I had was confusing the selection tool, so as soon as I deleted said layer the Sampled Color was able to make the correct selection right away.
  12. Hello, I've been using Affinity Photo for about 2-3 weeks now to work on a local client's comic book and I am extremely impressed with the efficiency with the program thus far! However I ran into a problem when attempting to remove the blue guide lines (margins used in comic book coloring). These lines are traditionally color coded blue, so that they're "easier" to erase while in a photo editing software and with Photoshop I had no problems erasing them. However I have tried multiple selection options with Affinity but all the magic wand does is either select everything else including the black or selects individual blue pixels and not the blue lines entirely. The blue itself is slightly transparent so that might be an issue? Here is what I did to get to this stage if it helps: Filters > Color > Erase white paper CTRL + J > CTRL+ E (to make the marker lines darker and then I just merged them together) Magic Wand tolerance set at 0%. - I mean I could always erase with a layer mask, but I would prefer a cleaner way to select and erase the blue in one go. Any thoughts?
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