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  1. Hello, I would like to use affinity image to develop- photo nikon raw over 40MB . What configuration will allow myself to work easily ? Thank.
  2. Why I can't open Sony raw (arw, compressed) files with Affinity?
  3. New to Affinity Photo, and so far, what I've seen looks good, then it all comes to an abrupt halt. Trying to do my forum avatar pic, I decide to use my new Serif software to resize my picture. All going good, until I come to "Save As", so that I can save my image as a JPEG. Even this forum doesn't recognise AFphoto files! :huh: Serif - the product is good, but why do I not have the option to save my processed file to what I want? For this example, JPEG would be enough. In the future however, it would nice to be able to convert my images to other file formats - such as DNG etc. How after processing my images - or friends images, as I do sometimes - how do I send them back their image - so that they can open it on their systems? :(
  4. Hi, I'm just trying out Affinity because it looks very nice, but I do have some questions. I'm used to Photoshop so please excuse me trying to get same out of the programs :P ,, Love that you can combine RAW processing and power of retouching tools. * I have some problems getting good quality out of your RAW processor with my 5D Mark III, Nikon D750 and Fuji's. Anyone got "secret Affinity ninja tips" to pull most out of the details and noisereduction and the tools in general? The tools I find on RAW converter feels like a hammer to a glass sometimes. I only have a couple day more on trial and want to see how it performs. * When filling a layer with 50% gray and put it to overlay or soft light, it should not affect brightness/darken the photo, at least from my photoshop experiences. In Affinity the image become darker for every 50% layer in overlay/soft light mode, is there a way around this? * Lets say I want to replace "Blue" channel with "Green" and set top layer to luminosity, how do I do this in Affinity? I found no way to replace one channel with another one, I might be blind tho. I try "Load to Pixel Blue" but I see no changes on composite layer. * I really want curve to affect a selected composite channel in "Channels", lets say I want to adjust the blue channel, how do I do this without making a adjustment layer? In PS you could CMD+M (CTRL+M) on the layer or channel to bring up a curve that will affect only "Blue channel" without making a new layer. Thanks for reading my stupid questions =) Aleksander
  5. Hi there! As a Photographer and recent convert to Affinity Photo i must congratulate you for the wonderful job you are doing to "free us from Photoshop" :) I read mentions on the forum about iPad versions and the teaser for Designer looks great. However I would love to know if there is an iPad Pro optimised version of Photo in the making? There are tons of photo apps but none that would suit a professional photography workflow. Adobe's apps are honestly a joke with Lightroom being the biggest one and I'm not interested in all the cloud thing. What many photographers i think could benefit from is a really powerful mobile editor with full RAW capabilites. Downloading to the iPad Pro in the field, and being able to do all the editing there would be a dream. Why not do this on a laptop? Because manipulating photos with hands and pencil on a touch interface is so much more natural. Because the iPad is easier to hold, carry, has better batter life... I love my iPad Pro but honestly, I'm waiting for it killer photo app. I really hope you guys will do that! Cheers!
  6. I would like to know when raw from Lumix TZ100 will be available, thanks in advance.
  7. Hi I am just feeling my way with Affinity so any help will be appreciated I import my pictures to Aperture and have chosen Affinity as my external editor but when I export my raw image to Affinity the file opens as a Tiff and when I look in the Aperture preferences the only option to open the exported file seems to be either Tiff 8bit or 16 bit or PSD 8 bit or 16 bit no option for Raw any help please as I want to edit my Raw image in Affinity. Thanks
  8. Afinity Photo: Importing RAW images are being changed and turning very yellow. This has been happening since the update because I have our companies head shots that had the same issues but couldn't put my finger on it why they were coming out very yellow. I was thinking it was the white balance issue with my camera and the muslin blue background but its not. Attached is an image of the original nef file and the uploaded one with nothing done do it. The photo's are really unusable even when edited. Please help to address this. If there isn't a fix, I won't be able to use AFphoto for any of my editing needs.
  9. Hi all, I've just released the next course for Affinity Photo. This one is all about using the Develop Persona to develop Raw files. You can view the course here - https://www.udemy.com/affinity-photo-raw-image-development/or you can watch a video about the course here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8vqOTtmo11g . The course is over 3 & a half hours and is focused on the Develop Persona and Raw files. I created it with the course 'Affinity Photo: Solid Foundations' (also at udemy.com) in mind so that the two of the act together. I explain what a Raw file is, the advantages (and disadvantages) of Raw files over jpegs, and I go through the tabs and tools to give a thorough grounding in Raw file enhancement. As well as the theory and tool demonstrations I also take 10 Raw files and develop them so you can see the development process repeatedly. You get the same 10 Raw files as downloads to experiment with. Hope it proves useful to someone, Drippy Cat Hang on! - go here - https://www.udemy.com/affinity-photo-raw-image-development/?couponCode=AffinityRawPromoor enter ' AffinityRawPromo' (no quotes) to get a discount off the regular price until the end of May 2016!
  10. I would find it useful to be able to save pictures' raw development settings for future use, like DxO does. A preference setting allowing to choose from saving settings for all raw developments, none or asking for each picture would be a huge time saver.
  11. Hi, I want to switch from Adobe to Affinity but when on location really need a file browser. Currently I use Bridge to select photos then work on the Raw files in Adobe's raw converter. Is there a way one can edit in Bridge then open directly into Affinity's Raw converter? Thanks for any advice. Darren Heath.
  12. When I try to open a RAW file from Photos using Affinity Photo, the file becomes a JPEG file. But when I work on a photo in Photos usinf Affinity extension, I am working on a RAW file. What am I doing wrong with Affinity photo?
  13. Hello! I'm using the affinity 10 day trial and it was going great until now. I first tried using the luminance in the RAW editor of my NEF file to get rid of the noise and it looked great, but after I clicked "develop" it went back to being really noisey and even worse than when I started. I then tried just using the Denoise filter. It looked awesome as I was choosing the denoise setting, but when I clicked apply, again, it went back to being very noisey. I'm not sure what the problem is.
  14. Hello! I'm using the affinity 10 day trial to see if I like it and it's been great, until now. I open up my NEF file and make some edits in the RAW editor. I shot in a high ISO, so I was mainly editing out the noise. It looks great in the RAW editor, but once I click "Develop" it looks super noises/grainy and is even worse than before! Why is this happening and how do I fix it?
  15. I just bought Affinity Photo, and I was eager to test it out with a RAW image, but I had terrible results with my RAW image, and the JPEG version done by the camera was much superior to mine attempts. I've watched the tutorial video, but obviously I need a lot more help with this. How does a person improve at this with a challenging image. For some reason I can't get the exposure and the colors to look anything close to acceptable... sadly.
  16. Hi. Does Infinity support the Fujifilm camera RAW file - RAF Thanks. Mike.
  17. hi just purchased affinity after seeing it at photography show at nec. still a novice but have dumped elements to learn with affinity. when i import raw image from photos it does not automatically open in develop? is this a glitch?
  18. I'm using AP with RAW files from Canon & Nikon. Exposure correction range is limited to either -2 or +2 stops only. Forum user MBd offered a work-around but it would be great to have a range like -5 or -6 to +5 or +6 stops like Lightroom or Capture One offer. This would simplify my life a lot.
  19. Hi All, I am an experienced LR user, with some GIMP experience migrating to AP, reason I say so, I am not a experienced PS user and an AP beginner, so I may miss some of the concepts, however I have observed the following issues, I can do a little help with in my understanding. First AP team great job and product! Keep up the good work, I really like working with AP and comments below are meant in a constructive way. 1) Personas, great concept, why is there no Panorama Persona and no Stack Persona? Both develop an image and end up in the Photo Persona, I tried both with RAW files and are unable to use the RAW Persona. I would AP expect to create a Panorama or Stack in RAW for development. 2) RAW and Photo Persona, after applying development in RAW and working in the Photo Persona, going back to RAW seems to leave me with the developed picture, my original development settings are visible in the picture, the sliders back to 0. So if I make adjustments I develop an developed RAW. 3) Some of the functions are available in different Persona's and menus were others are not, to give some examples: Photo Persona, perspective correction and distortion filters, great for easy access, I would expect these in the Liquify Persona. Organisation and grouping of adjustments, filters, live filters and functions, I can not see the logic of how they are grouped. I understand their operations on either pixel layers, adjustment layers, why 2 sets of filter (destructive and non destructive (live)). Not all Filers are Live Filter (or is this part of the road map and fase out destructive filters?) I fail to understand the order of the live filters in the menu, group picture optimisation and effects (artistic) they seem to be everywhere. What is the difference between the perspective correction on the tool menu and the perspective live filter. I guess the Layer Adjustments from the Layer menu are the same as from the dialogues on the right side (adjustment tab next to layer tab with the adjustment previews (Cool!) and the icon on the bottom of the dialogue (half B/W circle) the layer effects can only be found in 1 place, next to the adjustments Fx, not even on right click layer......) Last example, there are more.. why is Lighting in the filter menu.....? it is a destructive pixel layer tool and should be in the tool box. I think every user has his view and working and I would opt for a Personal Persona ;-) where one can configure not only the toolbar and the studio but also the top menu options. I understand that Affinity want to make everybody happy but I get the Martini commercial feeling : anytime anyplace anywhere. Cheers, Jeroen
  20. Opening a Pentax 645z RAW (PEF) file in Affinity Photo there is a black border at the top and bottom of the image. This does not happen if the file is opened in other RAW processing software (DXO, Adobe Camera RAW). Not sure if this is an issue with the Pentax but the border stays with the image after export. Is there a RAW preference I am missing or could this be a bug? You can see the black border at the top and bottom of the attached image. Cheers MK
  21. Since I installed Affinity Designer I have been having trouble with my Mac. It keeps saying that my printer is offline (its not and works fine for all other devices) I have tried everything I can think of to get it working from the Mac with no luck. Also, when I connect my Canon camera to import RAW files into iPhoto the Mac is now telling me that the files are CR2 files and cannot be recognised by the Mac, which is strange as up until now there has never been a problem importing these files. I'm guessing that its AD causing the problem. I had a trial version of AD which expired and I can't uninstall that, each time I go to open an AD file it automatically launches the trial version and takes me to the Affinity website to buy the full version (which I have done.) I can open the full version though. Your thoughts folks? What's going on?
  22. I'm evaluating the trial version of AP to see if it will free me from PS Elements. One problem that's really bothering me is the poor quality of the ORF RAW files imported from my Olympus E-M1. They're dark and muddy looking -- they look nothing like what I see in Oly's Viewer 3. Is this because I'm still using the trial version 1.4. (If so, it's not a feature that encourages someone to buy the program.) Will it be different if I buy the program and get the latest updated Beta version? If not, has anyone found a solution to this problem? I read a previous thread that said the problem was fixed but it's not fixed for me. I also just discovered that the ORF files appear to be imported at 96 DPI, despite the fact that a resolution of 300 is set in the camera. I saved some processed files before I realized this and now I have to do them over again. Why does this happen and how can I make sure imported RAW files are the correct resolution? Also, why is it not possible to see the image resolution anywhere in the UI? I had to use the Resize Document menu to see that the resolution is 96 DPI and change it to 300 DPI.
  23. When using the up and down arrow keys for fine tuning exposure the increments are Full Stops of exposure. For fine tuning it would be great to add more control and make the increments a 1/3rd of a stop or smaller. Using the scrubby control works great but having keyboard control would be a great addition. The other controls in the Develop Persona have really fine increments when using the up and down arrow keys - just not exposure :( Thanks for listening.. MK
  24. Seems like I cannot have a correct reading of NEF raw files with the new SERIF raw reading...very pronounced color casts, very hard to correct...tried changing settings of the personal assistant but to no avail so farl..what do you recommend using to read all raw files ??? is there a difference for reading NEF (NIKON) files??? converting to DNG would be of any help???
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