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  1. erzgebirgszorro

    Affinity RAW

    ​Hello Kodiak, did I miss something? Last time I checked the develop persona was destructive. So if you once hit "develop" then the pixel layer is finally transferred to the afphoto file. After that you can't change the previously modifications made in the develop persona. Of course you can open the develop persona again to make any new modifications. But I hope AP 1.6 will bring non destructive RAW development and more powerful development tools.
  2. erzgebirgszorro

    AP Panorama RAW Editing

    This is what I'm requesting: The ability to influence the development process when stitching together raw files.
  3. Hello, I recently tried the panorama feature and it works really great. But what's missing is that when I compose a panorama out of RAW files (NEF in my case), it would be cool to be able to develop the stitched foto further. Today I have to develop each photo of it's own at the beginning. Best Regards, Sven
  4. erzgebirgszorro

    AP loses lens information on export

    Hello Affinity Team, any news on this topic? I mean, it should not be that hard to retain the information that's already in the file. Best Regards, Sven
  5. erzgebirgszorro

    AP loses lens information on export

    Uh, I wonder why it is not retained the way it was but got removed. But thanks anyways, keep up your good work!
  6. erzgebirgszorro

    AP loses lens information on export

    Hello again, please see the attached files. wlens_cnxd_jpg.jpg contains a JPEG export from my RAW-Converter Nikon Capture NX-D and contains Lens information. wolens_ap_jpg.jpg contains a JPEG export from Affinity Photo after opening a TIFF/16 Export, which was created with Capture NX-D. The tiff contained Lens information the same way as the JPEG file wlens_cnxd_jpg, but I can't upload a TIFF file. The wolens_ap_jpg file does not contain information about used lens anymore.
  7. erzgebirgszorro

    AP loses lens information on export

    Hello Chris, you'll get them tomorrow evening, my wife has occupied my mac today Best Regards, Sven
  8. erzgebirgszorro

    AP loses lens information on export

    Hello Developers, so what's the status on this? Do you need some more information or sample files? I'd love to help you with this issue. I believe this problem is easily fixable and should be included in the next release. Best Regards, Sven
  9. Hello, Affinity Photo loses exif-data about mounted lens during export (using file -> export). The information is available after post-processing in e.g. capture nx-d and export to tiff, but got lost after export as jpeg using AP. Best Regards, Sven

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