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  1. mikaella

    Affinity Photo iPad (Pro)

    Should you decide to go for beta testing, I'd love to sign-up. My iPad, Pencil and Testflight are ready... and so am I :) Cheers!
  2. mikaella

    Affinity Photo iPad (Pro)

    I really hope for iPad versions asap, as there aren't many pro apps especially in the photo arena. Designer has some decent competition but Pixelmator (the closest i can think of) pales compared to Affinity Photo. I really wish for a true RAW photo processing engine on the iPad Pro. Please Santa, make these wishes come true!
  3. mikaella

    Affinity Photo iPad (Pro)

    Wow, that's great news, thank you! Keep up the great work... Is there a timeline for the release of the iPad versions? Cheers, Mika
  4. Hi there! As a Photographer and recent convert to Affinity Photo i must congratulate you for the wonderful job you are doing to "free us from Photoshop" :) I read mentions on the forum about iPad versions and the teaser for Designer looks great. However I would love to know if there is an iPad Pro optimised version of Photo in the making? There are tons of photo apps but none that would suit a professional photography workflow. Adobe's apps are honestly a joke with Lightroom being the biggest one and I'm not interested in all the cloud thing. What many photographers i think could benefit from is a really powerful mobile editor with full RAW capabilites. Downloading to the iPad Pro in the field, and being able to do all the editing there would be a dream. Why not do this on a laptop? Because manipulating photos with hands and pencil on a touch interface is so much more natural. Because the iPad is easier to hold, carry, has better batter life... I love my iPad Pro but honestly, I'm waiting for it killer photo app. I really hope you guys will do that! Cheers!

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