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  1. Thank you for the quick reply MEB. I'll try that when I get home to the desktop mac. If i try to do this with my macbook air, the size if the files causes the system to crash, lag etc.
  2. Can be. That's just life on-board any ship that is outside normal land based mobile cell reception coverage. Marine internet is hugely expensive, so the speeds are a lot lot lower. That's one of the reasons we get a decent pay, hardship conditions, 12 hour shifts for 4 weeks continuous and more importantly - being away from family. Being at sea does present some unique photography oppurtunities though.
  3. Hi MEB, JPEG and DNG files added to the link you sent. 5 JPEG and 5 DNG. Still offshore, but close enough to land that I managed to get a 4G signal (circa 17 miles). That said I'm on the side of the ship that faces land - high up near the bridge. If you need me to send any more files, then it will have to be at the end of my trip around the end of August.
  4. As soon as I get time and a steady 4G signal, I'll upload them. Wi-fi on the ship at sea is snail slow, less than dial-up speeds.
  5. Can I PM them to you? I'd rather not post up the image publicly. Also, I've just joined the ship for offshore work. Comms are dire, so it'll be a few weeks before I can get back home to send the files.
  6. Hello, and sorry if this has been posted before. I got to capture a nice headland shot of a lighthouse. I set up the camera to capture 5 images in a burst - in JPEG and DNG format. When I use AF HDR merge function with the JPEG images - the image comes out correctly, with a relatively flat horizon However, when I use the DNG images - and the HDR process starts; a pronounced curvature is given to the image. Not what I am looking for. The original DNG flies are exactly the same as the JPEG, with the same horizon aspects. Any pointers
  7. Thanks for the info. US$129 doesn't sound too bad on the wallet. Remember please that I'm in the UK - therefore we have a tendency to get ripped off. - Treasure Island I think was the phrase, that we were referred to by none other than the good ole USA and Japan. I've pre-ordered the new Nikon P1000 - £999, in the UK. In the US - $999. Work out the currency conversion rates - and its a fair difference. Todays rate - £999 = $1, 317. £299 for Final Cut Pro = $394. Again a big difference. $129 = £97 - Far easier pill to swallow Thanks again.
  8. I've just come back to this thread after nearly two years. Looks like I've got a good bit of downloading to do again. At least the new tutorials keep me in line with the new updates. Keep em coming James.
  9. Such a pity to hear this. I've had Affinity Photo for a couple of years now, and I'm really enjoying the fact that I have a quality image editing SW prog, and I haven't had to make a continuing rip off payment to Adobe either in a huge one off payment, or monthly extortion - sorry - subscription fees. I was really hoping that Serif Affinity would have looked into a Video Editing program. Apple Mac customers are pretty limited in what they can use. Freebie iMovie = clunky. Or another rip-off payment for Final Cut Pro at near £300. If Affinit
  10. Won't get mine until I return home. Stuck in the Moray Firth, sheltering from bad weather in the North Sea. I might - might get back in a week. I've been told there was a delivery attempt, from a ticket left through the door. Here's hoping its there.
  11. Got the notification from Serif on Thursday afternoon. No brainer for me. Purchased with the minute, and got the confirmation about being dispatched, and how I should recieve the book "shortly".
  12. Appreciate the response, thank you. I was asking about the book, but glad you have answered about 1.6 release too. As long as we are not looking at a release after Christmas. I've been keen to get my hands on a properly issued workbook for some time now.
  13. Can you tell us the new date for release? Nothing worse than telling your clients, that there has been a delay - with no projected likely date for resolving the issue.
  14. With a Mac? No thanks. I'd rather keep my Mac clean without any 3rd party software. I've used YT downloaders in the past, on Windows, and the anti-virus software was working overtime. So thanks, but through experience - no thanks.
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