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  1. Great! Really missing it. Vertical as well as horizontal guides please… Thanks for your great job on your products.
  2. JMl_fr

    text frame shapes

    This was the next kind of things I was trying, but I hoped for a simpler way and a all-in-one object. The best way I found until now is: create your Callout shape set its wrap style to Inside create your text frame set its boundaries to fit the shape ones group the shape and the text frame
  3. JMl_fr

    text frame shapes

    I'm having a problem with the Callout shapes, which seem the most obvious shapes to use as text frames : I can't find a way to get the tail on top of the shape without rotating it 180° and thus getting my text upside down Any idea to rotate the shape and framed text independently ? Or a way to move the tail without rotating the shape ?
  4. Ok. I finally got it. You've got to create a shape an then fill it. And voila:
  5. Hi bleduc. I tried it the way you suggested, but it doesn't seem to work. As a test I tried to fill a document with this image: All I got was this kind of result: Not exactly what I'd call a pattern :rolleyes:
  6. Two uses I'm thinking of for this feature: being able to stop a raw development if needed and not having to start again from scratch when you come back to do it; being able to look back at past raw developments as references for present ones. Right now you can save those settings as "global configurations", all mixed up together with previous ones. There's no way to sort them or have any kind of hierarchy.
  7. I would find it useful to be able to save pictures' raw development settings for future use, like DxO does. A preference setting allowing to choose from saving settings for all raw developments, none or asking for each picture would be a huge time saver.

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