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  1. I've been trying to install the four sets of Paper Farms overlays in the asset panel on Affinity Photo 1.9.3. but I've only been able to load the fog overlays. I did this by clicking on a file called "environmental overlays.afassets" that's in a folder on my computer. This file does not load the other three sets of overlays (rain, rainbow, snow) and I can't find any other .afassets files on my computer. Did I somehow miss downloading other files that I need and, if so, how do I get them? I'm using MacOS 10.14.6 Thanks for any assistance.
  2. Dear all, can someone provide a helpful answer/solution to the following problem? PROBLEM: When using Affinity INSTEAD of Adobe CS, this often means that you will not have access to Adobe Acrobat and, on Mac, this means you also don’t have Adobe’s PDF printer driver. Of course you can write a PDF from Affinity, but for example, if you want to omit the Author from the PDF information, this seems not to be possible. I found a workaround, but one that gives me other problems: I opened the resulting PDF (written from Affinity Publisher’s export option) in Mac previe
  3. Hello, I was wondering if within Affinity Designer is there a "Free transform tool" to allow perspective distort with shapes, this is something that can be done within illustrator where you can take two points and can move them together or further apart with equal distance like the example below. You can kinda do this with the "Corner" tool set to straight but this is set to only one angle when perspective distort can change the angle. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a great day.
  4. Hi folks! I need to edit a rendering from Blender in Photo, however when I import the multilayered exr, all the layers are there but I can only see the top most layer in the viewport. Coming from C4D & Photoshop, I think the layer blends didn't work correctly? I was wondering if some of my settings are wrong, but all the resources about this topic I found simply open the files and it works (ignoring color mgmt.). I tried some other example exr files, but they have the same issue. Any help is more than welcome! kartoffel~ (Macbook Pro - OS X 11.2.3) I've added a small
  5. After the disappointment of a missed opportunity with the re-design of the new 24" iMac, and after seeing loads of posts from other mac users voicing similar disappointment, I thought I'd have a shot at something more inline with something I would want to buy while still retaining the chin, although saying that I think I'd only buy another iMac if they allowed Apple Pencil support so you could draw directly on the screen - I also think it's current ugliness could be rectified with stickers (I'll give it a week or so before you'll be able to pre-order a sticker kit from somewhere) ----- white b
  6. I'm looking to switch to a M1 Mac and I'm wondering if my current Mac licenses will transfer to the M1 apps? Also, I haven't switched laptops since I bought my Affinity apps, is there documentation on how to best transfer to a new laptop? I have brushes and presets I want to make sure get transferred as well. Thanks!
  7. I'm using the last version of all three Affinity apps from the Mac App store and often I'm running them in the background with windows closed. I have noticed that they are sometimes not responding and I have to force close them and start them again which takes some time on my MacBook Air 2017. Upon some investigation, I have discovered that that happens only if I have restarted my laptop between launching any of Affinity apps and only if restart occurred with any of the apps were running in the background when initiating restart. In the last test, I have waited to see what will happen if I don
  8. I've downloaded mockups from several different places, its happened on multiple projects now and i dont understand where these white lines are coming from. While still using AF Photo, if i zoom in and out, the white lines move around, and they always show up in different places when i export multiple times. Where are these lines coming from why are they affecting most of the mockups i alter?
  9. I can’t edit the existing text i can creat a new text box and edit the text in the new box by double clicking it but that doesn’t help me please help me?
  10. I am not sure if there is something I am doing wrong or if its just the cricut app doing something funky (which always seems to be the problem). I am new to Affinity and graphic design applications in general just an FYI. I created a design for a logo for myself in Affinity Photo. Ive taken off all effects and completely simplified the design for easy transfer into design space. But for some reason when it transfers over it takes only part of the image and distorts another part of the image. Is there anything that I can do to prevent this? Not even sure why the yoga pose silhouette won't even
  11. I have just purchased AP and the first task that I tried to do was register this product. Unfortunately, it would not allow me to connect for registration to occur and instead kept telling me they were sorry and to try again or leave until later. I have tried several times and i don't have a weak wi-fi signal; can anyone tell me why this software won't allow me to do this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Does Affinity for iPad run on M1 Mac? I know Affinity for Mac has M1 binary, but would like to know see if it runs on M1 Mac for testing purpose.
  13. I am using the latest MacOS (Big Sur 11.2.3) and the latest Affinity apps and had a crash after which I am no longer able to startup any Affinity app. They hang and also make the Mac finder hang! I have never needed to reboot my Mac so often... I have tried deleting all caches etc and reinstalling the apps downloaded from my account... without succes I have cleared everything after using Ctrl on startup of publisher and now the app window appears, but then also hangs... and so does the Finder again... I am out of ideas and I need affinity publisher urgently for my b
  14. Hi! How can I scale text boxes together with their contents (ADesinger and APublisher)? When I scale using the handles, only the box scales - the font remains as large or small as it is. Thanks for answers!
  15. Still exploring the interface... What does Edit>Paste Inside do? Is it undocumented?
  16. Dear Friends, the most used size for printing in my case is european "A4 letter". Till now, if i selected this size of print media a popup windows appears with message like "the document will be resized, fitted to match the media. So the final result on the paper was a resized picture to maybe 95% of its original size to be fully printed to A4 letter including the margins. The exception was of course if i choose "A4 borderless" printing what my printer is able to do. Maybe it happens with update to 1.9.1 (no hardware or settings changed), but now this alert and autocorrection is missing.
  17. Hello all — new user here, just in from Quarkland. Like everyone else here, I seem to struggle with text and paragraph styles. Sometimes, I want my paragraph style to completely override my default text type, like a Helvetica subhead in a Times document. Other times I want it to honour local settings, like a no-indent first paragraph with italics (style or ad hoc) in it. I just can’t figure out how to adjust the settings to have them do by default what I want them to do, without having to pull the hamburger. I’ve tried everything — Paragraph style ‘Based on normal’, ‘Based on heading
  18. Updating via Mac App store the Affinity Photo app is failing (freezing circle icon) tried many times, restarted, waited hours and days. No luck. What to do?
  19. Hi Serif, it looks like the issue I reported back in March was fixed just partially. The same issue occurs when trying to zoom when using the Mesh Warp Tool - see the screencast below. Thanks for a fix in advance.
  20. Running Big Sur on a 2017 27" iMac 3.4GHz with 24GB memory. Have been using Affinity Photo for over a year and updated to v. 1.9.0 from the App Store. Previously, everything worked fine for me on Mojave and Catalina. When I bring up a photo for processing and try to use adjustment layers, the sliders don't pop-up. Only way I can get them is to click multiple pre-sets, hope it pops up, then reset and go on may way. In some cases, the sliders never show. Have looked through the Preferences but found nothing that would apply. Any thoughts to solve this PITA would be much appreciate
  21. Can't use "Save As Package". After the first dialogue where i can define what to pack and press button to start packaging the dialogue ends. A sound come like "you can't press any button"/ other actions blocked. In a logical way there have to be a finder window to define name and place where to pack, but there is none visible. Publisher is not frozen and not crashed but no actions are possible - including abort. The only way is a forced shut-down of publisher via alt+cmd+esc. System: OSX 10.12.6 Mac 27"/2014 maybe interesting: two Displays, multiple "D
  22. After the 1.9 release I noticed a discrepancy between the Affinity icons on the Mac dock. Designer and Publisher have hard edge squares and photo has rounded edges like the iPad OS icon. Is this intentional? Am I crazy for noticing this? (My Designer and Photo are Mac App Store versions while Publisher is purchased from Affinity website if that matters.)
  23. Ich habe mehrere JPEGs in AP 1.9.0 nachbearbeitet (kleinere Kratzer beseitigt. Die Originale haben eine Dateigröße zwischen 15 und 18 MB. Nachdem ich mir hinterher die bearbeiteten Dateien ansah, stellte ich fest, dass sie nur noch 4 bis 5 MB groß waren. Der Arbeitsablauf war folgender: Alle Fotos (8 Stück) in AP geladen, Erstes Foto bearbeitet, Mit CMD+S gespeichert, Mit CMD+W geschlossen, Zweites Foto bearbeitet, etc. Bisher hat dieser Arbeitsablauf ohne Ausnahme immer zu Dateigrößen geführt, die den Originalgrößen in etwa entsprac
  24. Can I own Affinity on my windows PC and Mac without having to buy the software on each device? I work on my PC at home and on my Mac when im on the go? Is there anything I can do without having to buy the program(s) twice? Will greatly appreciate any response. Thank you!
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