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  1. Hi Carl123, Thanks for the quick response. I tried one DNG file, OK. I tried two, OK. I'm not brave enough to try more than that, I've got things to do this afternoon. Why the difference, I thought, from a laymen's point of view, that 8GB RAM would be more than enough, it was for Lightroom? Paul
  2. Hiya, Before I tell you what's not working I thought I should say that your product is very good and I'm enjoying using it. Also that I'm running Windows 8.1 64Bit with 8GB RAM. I had 171 DNG files that I needed to export/convert into JPG, saving on the Desktop. I used a batch job to do it. It crashed my computer so completely I had to resort to the power off button to reboot it; even my mouse wouldn't work. I thought, mmm OK, 171 DNG files – maybe I'm being a bit ambitious! So I tried 15 DNG files. Same result. I then opened Lightroom and it exported 171 DNG files to JPG in ten minutes and I could carry on working while it did it. Any ideas? (Please don't say that batch job is only designed to do one file at a time. ) Paul
  3. Hi all, Is there any reason to save and work in afphoto rather than TIFF? With afphoto I cannot view my photos on any application other than AP. I can't browse through and enjoy a selection of them without either opening them all in AP or exporting them all as something else. If I then make further changes to the original file(s) I need to ensure that I've deleted these previous exported versions to avoid confusion. So, what I do at the moment is make my edits to the original file and then export it as TIFF. If I require further adjustments I can reopen the TIFF and carry on. I close the original file without saving. I now have the original, unchanged file, and an edited TIFF. Not an afphoto in sight! Does anyone know of a reason why I shouldn't be doing that? And if not then what is the purpose of afphoto? Cheers Paul
  4. Hi all, Please ignore this thread. I opened AP this afternoon and up popped my missing file. I've no idea why it didn't appear yesterday, but at least I have it. I apologise if anyone has spent any time on this. Paul
  5. Hiya, I have spent quite some time working on a TIFF file. I closed AF, saving the file in the process but it did not appear in Explorer. I reopened AF and was asked if I would like to restore an unsaved file (screenshot attached). I click yes, and wait. And wait. And wait. In the end I tire of waiting and try to close the program. I get a message telling me I can't, there's a file being opened. (screenshot attached) So I wait, and wait. And wait. In the end I tire of waiting and use Task Manager to close the program. On reopening AF I get the same message asking me if I want to restore an unsaved file. (same screenshot attached) What do I do? I can click on 'no' and lose my work. Or I can click on 'yes' and nothing happens....and I lose my work. First decent size piece of real work I've done since I bought the program. Not a good start. Any help would be appreciated. Paul
  6. Hi all, I'm currently road testing Affinity Photo and so far am extremely impressed. I want to use it as a replacement for the Lightroom, Photoshop workflow. However I have reached an impasse when it comes to files that I've adjusted in LR. For instance if I go to the LR develop module and make an edit, be it crop, white balance, whatever and then try to open that same file in Affinity Photo it will not show any of the changes. I'm confused by that because my understanding was that RAW files contain the editing information in the 'background' so was expecting Affinity to be able to read them with their RAW engine. That not being the case does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can migrate, as such, my LR adjusted photos. I do know that I can export all the adjusted files, but that would 'bake in' the non-destructive edits; not something I want to do unless I have no other choice. Hopefully this rambling will make sense. Many thanks in advance for any help or advice. Paul
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