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Hi all,

I'm currently road testing Affinity Photo and so far am extremely impressed. I want to use it as a replacement for the Lightroom, Photoshop workflow.

However I have reached an impasse when it comes to files that I've adjusted in LR. For instance if I go to the LR develop module and make an edit, be it crop, white balance, whatever and then try to open that same file in Affinity Photo it will not show any of the changes. I'm confused by that because my understanding was that RAW files contain the editing information in the 'background' so was expecting Affinity to be able to read them with their RAW engine.

That not being the case does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can migrate, as such, my LR adjusted photos. I do know that I can export all the adjusted files, but that would 'bake in' the non-destructive edits; not something I want to do unless I have no other choice.

Hopefully this rambling will make sense. Many thanks in advance for any help or advice.



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RAW file does not contain developing information and generally it cannot be embedded there. You have to export your photos as TIF or PSD and open those on AP, or start from a scratch using original RAW. Some apps can read LR generated sidecar files (to some extent I think) but AP cannot.

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Is there any plan to make AP be able to read and apply LR generated sidecar files (".xmp") to its RAW file and save it in the .afphoto file ?   That would ease a lot the migration from LR to AP.





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