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  1. Thank you Gear maker, this answered the question. I checked and see that is what I have set as my default.
  2. I can't find a setting for sRGB only RGB and "RGB HEX" (and HSL, CMYK, LAB, and Grayscale). When I tried Googling it all I got was articles on HEX and RGB. Or, when I Googled just sRGB, articles on HEX. So, am I correct that "RGB HEX" is the same as sRGB?
  3. Thank you! I will have to try this, I had a deadline and ended up tracing over my original lines with the color I needed. Part of my problem was not finding items that others were mentioning, such as "protect Alpha". Your instructions on that will come in handy.
  4. I tried that but wasn't able to get the exact color I wanted. Then I read that the color replacement brush doesn't work on Black or white, So I tried that again, and couldn't get it to work, even though it had worked earlier. I might just have to keep playing with the Recolor adjustment layer until I'm close enough to be happy.
  5. I have drawn some black lines, on a separate layer, but have now decided the lines need to be a different color. They took me quite awhile to get exactly how I wanted them, so I really don't want to try to redraw them; especially since I would like to have two versions of the lines, and that would require redrawing them absolutely perfectly(not possible for me) twice. I need to retain the feathering, so the flood fill won't work, since it makes them look thicker and chunky. I followed the instructions for the Color Replacement brush, but the only color that is changing is the very lightest of the feathered pixels along the edge of the line, but even they are not changing to the correct color, but a somewhat grayish hue of the replacement color I chose. I did see another discussion, when I searched the Color Replacement brush, about the color not changing correctly. That person finally resolved his problem by using "Protect Alpha", but I can't find "Protect Alpha" in my program. I did try changing the color using an adjustment layer and recoloring it, but I can't get the color I want.
  6. I am working around this problem by grouping the layers rather than merging them. It's taking awhile to redo all the copy and paste, and then erase or delete as needed, but I do have nice, clean, sharp details.
  7. I don't know if these two problems are related. I am working on an older iMAC OS X El Capitan 10.11.6 which is not supported to be upgraded any further. I did inquire about whether the latest AP upgrade was OK for this OS version and was assured it was fine. Recently I've started having a problem when I merge layers. Each layer becomes fuzzy as I merge. Interestingly it doesn't seem to be progressive. It also seems to be taking an extremely long time for the merges to occur most of the time, and I am wondering if the length of time is affecting the degree of fuzziness. As an example: I am creating a calendar that is designed to look like cross stitch. I created a master "sampler" of the numbers, and the upper and lower case letters, I then copied and pasted these to form all the months. When I merged the layers the "stitches" became fuzzy to varying degrees. Each month was in order, so, with "January" you would expect the "J" to be fuzziest and the "y" not at all, since it was not merged down again. However, the "J" was the fuzziest, but both "a"s were only slightly fuzzy, and the rest somewhere in between. In "February" the "F" was only slightly fuzzy and the rest fairly bad, and in "March" every letter except the "c" was fairly fuzzy, the "c" so slightly fuzzed that if they had all fuzzed to only that degree I might not have noticed it. I sometimes have even seen the spinning wheel of death, although most of the time the merge completes and I'm fine, a few times I have had to "Force quit" AP and restart my computer. I am only having this issue with AP, no other programs.
  8. Thank you both. And, thank you MEB for the info on ver. 1.5, that is good to know.
  9. Will the new Affinity Photo update, optimized for Sierra, work with my mac OS El Capitan? I updated the program without checking first to be sure I could update to Sierra and apparently my computer is too old. If not, is there some way to remove the update?
  10. Strange, but I guess I figured it out. As soon as I clicked outside the box I had selected to move, it snapped into focus and lost the blur. However, if you hadn't asked for a screenshot I might not have figured it out, so thank you. I had put so much work into it up to that point I guess I sort of panicked.
  11. I am working on a tessellation. I drew a very precise line using the pixel tool and need to mirror it and keep that precision. I copied into a new file and flipped it horizontal then copied and pasted back to the original. It looks fine until I try to drag it into the correct position. As soon as I move it the line blurs. I tried duplicating the layer but it still blurs. Can anyone tell me how I can do this, or is it a bug in Affinity? I can't just draw over it because once I have the shape I am going to have to repeatedly duplicate and drag to create the tessellation.
  12. justwilliam, I think that having a "Help" explanation open automatically would be great, it would be even better to be able to turn it off if you no longer needed it.
  13. I love the idea of a "new from clipboard" feature, but this doesn't work. I spent hours working on a project only to realize when I went to upload it that when I had used "new from clipboard it had changed the dpi from 300 to 96. I have now tried it a few more times and it does this every time, I can't find any way to set this. I am going to have to spend additional hours redoing all my work to get the project corrected.
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