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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, I’m having two issues with the colour picker tool on my iPad Pro 12in while using an Apple Pencil. Firstly, the pencil is not selecting the colour I choose; ie, I select the tool, move and hover over a colour, release the pencil off the screen (mimicking the finger process) but it does not select the color, ie the swatch does not change to the colour I have chosen. The selection process works perfectly when I use my finger. Secondly, selecting the colour picker results in two magnifying selection dots that hover over the screen, rather than the expected single dot (see attached pic).
  2. Please fix the number of times you have to switch tools to use the Colour and Style picker. Ideally, you could switch to the Move tool by holding Ctrl (instead of adding to the swatches panel). Toggling tools requires one button instead of two. Another option is to turn both tools in a sampling mode (regular click) and apply mode (alt click). The apply mode then applies the colour or appearance to the object under the cursor. This current tool switching gymnastics should really be avoided.
  3. I would like to be able to switch to the move tool from right within the colour picker. Currently, ctrl is in use to pick from the document palette, but I think it should be used to switch to the move tool, like in other parts of the software. The reason being is that I want to select elements and change their colour with the colour picker, yet I can't select other elements other than switching tools. This should also be possible by holding a modifier key. This is also what Illustrator does and it makes working a lot easier if you don't have to constantly switch tools (two presses as opposed to one for holding a modifier).
  4. I would like there to be an option in the colour picker to apply sampled colours of filled objects to the selected object's fill colours. Similarly, sampled strokes should be applied to the selected object's stroke colour. This is how it works in Illustrator and bypasses to have to check whether fill or stroke colours are active to determine to where your colour ends up going. For any non-vector objects that were sampled, the colour should still be applied to whether the stroke or fill is currently active. This saves quite a lot of time if you need to apply colours to newly created objects it helps if you can sample them from objects that were already created. This proposal does not cover stroke widths (or appearances in general, which the tool currently does not sample). For that, see:
  5. I would like to use the colour picker to sample the appearance (style) from an object on the canvas, which it should apply to the objects I have selected. To me that's easier than copying objects and pasting styles. The reason for this is that I can change the selection and then switch to the eye dropper rather easily. It's a workflow many of us have been using in Illustrator and when I switched back to Illustrator after having used designer for a while, I feel like I am missing out on this in Designer.
  6. Hi support If I create a CYMK document and select a colour and make a square. Then I make another square and use the eyedropper tool to to make the second square the same colour as the first square, it does this but changes the HEX code to one outside of the CYMK gamut. For example #35286f becomes #0b00a8. How can I stop this from happening, is it a bug or something. I would like the same hex code carried a cross from one square to the next. Thanks.
  7. Working with Masks is greater than in any other application I have worked with so far, the ease of having child layers and being able to stack a mask over the other truly is amazing. However... One thing that I have found disorienting is that when I use the colour picker tool, rather than picking a value of black an white from the mask that I am working on, Afphoto decides to pick a colour from the Parent Layer (Even when the Source is set to "Current Layer" while having the mask selected). Even though working a mask will only paint with the luminosity value of the sample taken, as you may well know, the values on the Parent Layer are part of a whole and having the Colour Picker Tool to take a sample from the Parent Layer and not the Mask you are working on results in picking an unwanted value when I am actually trying to pick a shade of gray that has already been used on said mask In the long run this means that for me to be able to take the desired sample, I must go to the colour wheel / sliders manually and try to guess what that value was or take my attention away from the whole and having to isolate the mask to get the value that I want. If the colour picker could be adjusted in a way that it picks the shades of gray FROM the mask while working INSIDE the mask it could certainly enhance workflow speed and consistency. Thanks for the attention and time to read this request. Cheers!
  8. Colour picker tool stuck on screen iPad Air?.!!!! there are 2 now. Great. If you select another tool while using colour picker the picker stays on screen. How do I remove? Have tried resetting tools and muchos googling. about to buy procreate instead...
  9. Hello! I've been having an issue while I am painting using this software in which 30% of the time I use the Eyedropper / colour picker tool I get the wrong colour. Not horribly incorrect but very noticeable. I use the HSL color gamut when painting and the error typically manifest's itself into the chosen colour becoming very saturated or very dark. I've looked around on forums and discussion boards and I cant seem to find anyone else having this issue, but some people who've had similar suggest messing around with colour profiles. I have, and to no avail. I've tried reverting to older versions of Affinity Photo, as far back as 1.7 iirc and the issue persists, even with update 1.9. I tried unlocking the colour gamut so that it switches freely between RBG, CMYK HSL LAB which kinda works but is not a great solution to my workflow, and iirc I still have this error. Any help would be much appreciated! If you need photos or comp specs let me know, I've not added in any as it seems to me right now that its unnecessary.
  10. So I've been trying to work with masks and the "Hold ALT" colour picker... it's BAD. When I hold down ALT with the intention to pick a value FROM THE MASK to apply it somewhere else in it, the tool simply decides to pick the GLOBAL value of the document instead, which makes working with masks a complete pain as I want to pick the value from the actual mask to control the ALPHA value for that mask alone. Switching to the Isolated view of the mask makes NO difference at all, it still picks the value of the Parent Layer. The only exception to this problem is if you select the Colour Picker tool MANUALLY, which is slow enough to break my flow. Why doesn't the "HOLD ALT" method use this behaviour as when you select the Colour Picker Tool manually? If holding ALT supposed to be just a quick shortcut to switch between the brush and the picker, why doesn't it work the same as the properties you assign to it in the first place? Is there a workaround to this?
  11. I’m very new to Designer on iPad and I haven’t used it on desktop so it’s all new. I’ve come from Illustrator and photoshop and know those well. On the iPad version of Designer can I select a specific Pantone colour? Also is there a way to change the view to show Pantone numbers so I can at least scroll through and pick an exact colour. I’ve seen there is this option on the desktop, just hoping I’m missing the option on the iPad. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I remember seeing this requested once or twice and I've even requested this myself 2 years ago and I thought it would've been simple to implement. Can we please have support for shorthand 3 character "hex" colour values like in CSS that combine 2 duplicate characters into 1 - i.e white can be #FFF instead of the more verbose #FFFFFF, yellow – #FC0 instead of #FFCC00, #333 for dark grey instead of #333333 etc. Currently, only #000 for black accidentally works, but none of the other shorthand values do. Thanks.
  13. Since I have updated Affinity Photo to the latest version, I am having a colour issue. When I pick a colour with the colour picker and start using that colour with a paint brush, the resulting colour is far off the colour I picked, eg. colour picker displays red, brush paints in yellow. Blend mode for the brush and layer are set to normal. Please see screenshot. Not sure how to fix this, I am running MAC OSX High Sierra.
  14. New user, windows 10. The colour picker has a red line through, see attachment, what's this about? I've customised tools to two columns but it defaults to one after closing, how do I keep two columns? Also, after customising the studio, it returns to default settings after closing, how do I keep my preferences?
  15. Hi All, I have just bought Affinity Photo, coming from years of Adobe products. So I'm learning the differences, and this may be a stupid question, but when I use the eyedropper tool to get a colour, I find that it puts the selected colour in the colour panel, but it also sets the fill colour of the image, and the whole image changes to a monotone image. All I want to do is get the hex value from the selected pixels without altering the image. If I de-select "Apply to selection" it doesn't change the image, but nor does it populate the hex value field. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
  16. Hello to all who think they can help, or if you think this might actually be a feature request! I'm trying to make the switch between Adobe and affinity, and I'm having some trouble with Pantone colours. Scenario: One of our clients has asked us to design a product, we've done all the work leading up to the prototype stage, and need to know the Pantone colour value of their logo to match some highlight parts to. We have a .png of their logo, now usually on photoshop I would use the colour picker and then go to the colour library and it would tell me which is the nearest Pantone to my selection. We all do this at my company from time to time but I can't find a similar feature on affinity, am I missing something or is this in the pipeline? I know there are websites which can convert RGB to Pantone etc but they're not the solution we're looking for considering we already had one! Hope someone can help David
  17. Not sure if this counts as a bug or a feature request, but currently the Colour Picker Tool does not recognise transparency. (This makes it pretty hard to do icon design for non-retina screens in Affinity.)
  18. I don't know if this is bug or is it intended like this but it extremely limits my workflow. When I'm painting using paintbrush or pixel tool I'm constantly picking colors from the same painting using Alt key on keyboard. And it works fine. But If I try to pick color with Alt key from another opened image it doesn't work. It picks color but when you go back to other opened image it switches back to the last color I've selected on that image. Is this intended to be like that or is it a bug? Thanks
  19. Values in the panel "Info" are not the same as the sample Colour Picker. Picker sample value indicated: 13c,15m,12y,0k - sample value of the same points: 0c,2m,2y,13k. Windows 10 Home (64bit). (Sorry for my English)
  20. Hi With your Colour Picker Tool active if you hold down Ctrl key nothing actually happens. The tip on the status bar says it should show the document palette but I can't see any action with neither left nor right Ctrl key pressed.
  21. Hi Cant find the colour picker anywhere. - looked in help files etc its mentioned but not where it is - I would assume it should be on the left hand side menu but no . . . have I gone blind? Thanks
  22. I've picked a color from my image to utilize in my swatches, but the big selector bubbles do not go away. Is there a trick to making this happen?
  23. Hello, I was wondering if there already was a way to do an "average" with the colour picker ? That is, make it gauge the colour average from a certain amount of pixels, instead of only one. If not, it would be important to add at some point. Thanks !
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