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  1. I restarted the ipad. The picker works at first, and then fails, (see the screen recording). I tried this a number of times and was able to repeat the same pattern... works a few times and then fails. AAB02C76-D401-45BC-951C-C006831723B1.MP4 5C43799F-08BC-481E-AB33-F677EBD2A324.MP4 AAB02C76-D401-45BC-951C-C006831723B1.MP4
  2. Thanks for the reply. The colour picker still doesn’t seem to be working with the Apple Pencil but works fine with a finger. Here’s a screen recording. 625C4A7F-ADB9-4BD5-8A91-1C67E893364B.MP4
  3. Hi, I’m having two issues with the colour picker tool on my iPad Pro 12in while using an Apple Pencil. Firstly, the pencil is not selecting the colour I choose; ie, I select the tool, move and hover over a colour, release the pencil off the screen (mimicking the finger process) but it does not select the color, ie the swatch does not change to the colour I have chosen. The selection process works perfectly when I use my finger. Secondly, selecting the colour picker results in two magnifying selection dots that hover over the screen, rather than the expected single dot (see attached pic).
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