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  1. Thank you for replying to both my email and this thread. I look forward to this issue being resolved.
  2. Okay, thanks, I did search but didn't see this one. I've emailed and will await a response from them hopefully.
  3. Two have not used eyedroppers, the other two have, hence the change in hex codes
  4. Yes, I'll try that and I know there are other ways to do things. Its just a problem I've stumbled on and wondering why it does this as could lead other designers to make mistakes when giving hex codes to clients, like it did me, which could be very costly to both parties
  5. You raise a good point about CYMK slider, after switching to hex slider it gives different values, then when the square is selected it changes those CYMK values. Again all this is difficult if you are making a logo and wishing to give the client correct CYMK, RGB and hex values for a logo. I have heard the best way to overcome this is using pantone and their suggested CYMK and RGB equivalents so guess this is just what I'll have to do from now on.
  6. I've tried in RGB document mode and it doesn't change the hex, only in CYMK colour profiles.
  7. Did you convert your document to CYMK first? I'm not working in RGB document.
  8. Nope I still get the same problem in photo. See pictures below, the hex code has still been changed. The top square is the original, the bottom square was grey but used the eyedropper to get the colour above.
  9. Okay thank you for trying. I will try it in photo and see if I have the same problem. It's definitely happening in designer so it must be a bug if it doesn't happen in other applications. I have no idea why. It's not just that blue but all colours it's changing to PSD colour profiles.
  10. Also, do CYMK colours not have corresponding hex codes?? If you scroll through the colour menu from colour wheel, CYMK, RGB etc the corresponding hex code is there.
  11. That was an example. So if I'm designing a logo and I make some swatches and then want to colour parts of my logo the same as my colour Swatch I may use the eyedropper to copy a colour. That was what I thought it was intended for. Anyway regardless of why I use this tool. The eyedropper copies over the colour but changes the hex code of the colour. This is a problem as the hex code it changes it too is different. If I then give my client the corresponding hex codes they will look very different to what they see on screen. My problem isn't why I use the eyedropper but why it changes the hex code of the colour it's copying. It should copy like for like.
  12. Hi support If I create a CYMK document and select a colour and make a square. Then I make another square and use the eyedropper tool to to make the second square the same colour as the first square, it does this but changes the HEX code to one outside of the CYMK gamut. For example #35286f becomes #0b00a8. How can I stop this from happening, is it a bug or something. I would like the same hex code carried a cross from one square to the next. Thanks.
  13. This has just happened to me. I was adding an asset to my collection and it froze and now they are all gone. So much work gone that i will never get back. I wished I had known about this and saved them. Maybe affinity should let people know about this problem. I'm gutted! Anyway yet to get them back if disappeared from the iPad?
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