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    Data merge

    +1 for data merge. I need to this to create download cards with unique codes for vinyl album releases. We need to be able to import & dynamically link csv/excel files. Thank you for considering Otherwise, congrats on releasing Affinity Publisher !
  2. Hi, I'm on Sierra 10.12.6 and I'm unable to export a PDF in the same folder twice. When I try to export in the folder it asks to "confirm" access to export multiple files. At first I thought I must have a wrong export setting (or that I somehow messed up the folder permissions). After confirming it did export the PDF in a single file. However, I corrected something and was unable to export it again. The "confirm" button in the access dialogue window was greyed-out. So I exported the file on my desktop instead. When I first tried to re-export the PDF, it didn't ask to overwrite the previous file, so maybe there is something there. I have a few request : -Would it be possible to make it so the picture frame does not move the image that's inside it when I resize the picture frame itself ? If it is possible, how do I do this ? -Would it be possible to add vertical typing ? I ask this to be able to type in Japanese, from top to bottom, and right to left (one of the way to write in Japanese). If not, what is the way around ? thank you :) And congrats on all the work you do :) I'm very happy to see Affinity Publisher becoming a reality.
  3. How about selecting a colour average (more than 1 pixel wide) ? Is it possible to do this ? thanks.
  4. *fixed Please delete. I was able to fix this problem by playing around with the document resolution. Not too sure what I did but it worked out. As for the logo itself, I had to export one of the logo layer as "multiply" and one as "overlay" to more closely match the image in the software and the image in export, otherwise the tone came out differently in AF and in PDF (about 50% paler, grey and not black) Hi ! Loving the program so far. I've ran into this problem where I want to export a page in PDF format to preserve font/logo sharpness (vector). All of my page exports fine (text as "normal") except the first one with the logo (which is 2x "overlay" on a background image), comes out as blurry and very pixelized on export. In the software itself it is clear and sharp even when zooming in a lot. I've tried several things like putting the top layer as "normal" and not "passthrough", deleting the export file instead of overwriting on each try, etc, but to no avail. I have attached screenshots for you to see the difference. The super-blurry image is the export pdf results. Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug ? Thank you