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  1. johnsta

    Blend tool

    Cool - sorry I didnt notice it. - Is there any approximate timeframe/strategy for updates in general? Incremental or uber updates? I want to use Affinity products as far as possible but I imagine I'm going to be in 2 camps for a while
  2. One of the oldest illustrator (and Freehand) tools and essential for abstraction and logo development I would say. blending along a path - Awesome - I still see little lights go on in the brains of my degree students when I show them that I can see how it would be overlooked in the age of the super smooth gradients which is what the blend tool was there to do but its a lot more than that. Any chance Designer will get more in the way of vector based filtering, roughen/ rumble pucker bloat etc.?
  3. johnsta

    3D tools

    Big Ask I guesss But It would be great if Designer could extrude/revolve vectors in the way Ai does for 3D text but also if it could import obj/ dae/fbx in the way Anime studio does which is also vetcor based rendering I believe.
  4. I use illustrators Live trace to create abstract images from multiple auto traces of the same image with variation changes to the settings - the final result is interesting, experimental and never looks like an auto traced image. If I do a sketch and auto trace it I use the line envelope and width tools with maybe the roughen filter set set below .9 to add digital noise to the stoke - auto trace is just a starting point.
  5. My suggestion would be create an array tool (its the kind of tool you find in a 3D app) with options like radial array, square array, distribution envelopes affecting things like scale, rotation, distance etc.
  6. Thanks yes I see that - I probably just didnt quite understand how it works after a lifetime in illustrator - its pixels only - how do you copy a gradient or other attribute to apply to another object? Is it only doable through creating styles?
  7. Hi Cant find the colour picker anywhere. - looked in help files etc its mentioned but not where it is - I would assume it should be on the left hand side menu but no . . . have I gone blind? Thanks
  8. Will there be any kind of plug-in or scripting architecture? I loved and still do love scriptographer - but Adobe were forever breaking it to the point where the developer gave up trying to support it. It had a mass of innovative user created tools. Would be great to see this type of more abstract tools finding a home in Affinity. http://scriptographer.org/ Great app so far! will definitely be buying it and recommending to my students