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  1. G00SE

    Affinity Designer - 1.5.2

    Thank you so much for the update. I love Affinity Designer! :wub:
  2. Wow. That would be awesome! I have completely fallen in love with this program. I have been using it all day and it is an absolute joy to work with. I love how you can just tap the line to add an extra node. I love how you can just grab the line to curve it. So many thoughtful details that put you in a state of flow as you work. I could never go back to illustrator now. What they have done here is magical. I went to thank the developers again for their work. And, I have patience for whatever they want to do. Thank you! I will never vent about anything again! I am just impressed.
  3. After getting over the initial frustration over the lack of that feature, I softened up a bit and changed my perspective. Just purchased the software and started using it. And, Wow! I am truly humbled. This software is profound. Next generation of vector drawing. Bravo developers. Work on what ever features you want. Thank you for this truly amazing software. I feel rather silly to have such a tremendous change of heart, but I was just ignorantly griping about one feature. Using the software is very fluid. I am seriously impressed.
  4. How embarrassing. I was thoroughly confused about who I was responding to and when. A big apology for acting really unaware on this forum. I would like to thank you and Paolo for your responses. I will keep my fingers crossed for this feature. In the meantime I will use Inkscape as a work around. I posted in the hope that the more people that vent about the lack of this feature the more of a priority it might seem to Affinity. A basic "express" b/w trace would work for most people. Then later versions could include a more professional trace. But, I think most people just want to trace their black and white ink drawings. Anyway, sorry for the ridiculous forum behavior. Lesson learned.
  5. It has been posted on the feature suggestions forum since 2014. We are now venting in dismay that it is still not a planned update.
  6. This is the one deal breaker feature for me that has prevented me from switching to Affinity Designer. Illustrator had had this feature since at least 2006. Even Inkscape has it. It is a key part of my workflow. This thread is from 2014. Has some progress been made one this?