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  1. Hello MEB and stokerg, I did a shut down and restart of the program. I do not have any recipes in place, as this is only the second time I've opened the program. I am entering the colour picker through the swatches tab in the right menu bar. I drag and drop the eyedropper tool from that menu onto my image to select a color. I then proceed to click on the color circle to the right of the eyedropper icon to fill my foreground color selection. The selector bubbles remain. (Interesting to note that when I try to use the Grab program to get a screen grab, just a selection, the selector bubbles disappear. If I do a timed, full screen grab, I can capture a screen grab of the bubbles.)
  2. Hi stokerg, Looks like a closeout and restart of the program was the key on this. It was a brand new install and the very first time I'd opened it. The program is looking quite promising! Thank you for the prompt reply.
  3. I've picked a color from my image to utilize in my swatches, but the big selector bubbles do not go away. Is there a trick to making this happen?
  4. Hi! I'm new to the software, but have been a pro user of Photohop since 1997. I've opened a png file, 300 dpi, rgb to play with. I've done a shift-command-n to create a new, blank pixel layer, but am unable to paint on the layer. If I create a duplicate of the background layer, I can paint or manipulate the image. Would love some feedback on what I can do to make this work! Thank you. Running software on an iMac, OSX Yosemite v. 10.10.3 and using an Intuos 5 tablet. affinityscreengrab.tiff
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