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Found 538 results

  1. Some issues I've noticed with Color Swatches: 1. If I create a color swatch using the Gray Slider color palette (and even using thethe built-in color Grays color palettes in AD) and then proceed to inspect the values AD uses by switching to the CMYK sliders color palette, AD converts the 1 channel (grayscale) swatch into a 4 color blended CMYK "gray", not a true C: 0%, M: 0%, Y: 0% and the K% (black) channel corresponding to the original value in the Gray slider-defined swatch. See attached images for reference. 2. Furthermore, if I double click on the color and open up the expanded color palette with all the HSL, Hex, RGB, RGB# and CMYK fields, my supposedly neutral gray has a certain amount of saturation in the HSL readout, and the RGB values are not equivalent, meaning the Gray I defined is not neutral anymore and has a color cast. 3. The grayscale palette should simply be a horizontal gradient from black to white, not a full color palette converted to grayscale, as is currently the case. (See attached screenshot) 4. Is the Grayscale sliders color palette backwards? Meaning when I type in a gray of 17% it's actually showing a Gray of 83%. If you go into photoshop and adjust type in 17 into the Gray slider input field, you will see what I mean. (image attached for your reference.) 5. I went to rename a color palette. I used the standard keyboard short-cut for navigating and selecting text in the rename field, but AD's text tool interpreted the command and didn't let me jump backward or forwards between words inside the rename field. See attached image for reference.
  2. I have a question concerning colour. When I create a new Affinity Designer document, the Default Black colour isn't 100% Black, it is 72 Cyan, 68 Magenta, 67 Yellow and 88 Black. Why that colour? If it was "registration" (100% of all colours) I could understand but it isn't. It is odd because I have set the colour space to be CMYK when I created the document. Is this a bug or is it supposed to be that way? For someone who has experience working with images for print it isn't as much of a problem (it is annoying but can be dealt with) but for someone who doesn't quite understand the printing process this could be a problem. On screen it looks black but if it were to be printed commercially, it wouldn't look so good.
  3. Hello, I have a problem to choose a color with the dropper tool. When I select the dropper (and I drag it to through the screen) I choose a color and then it disappears... How can I solve that? Thanks!
  4. A lot of apps have a custom way of dealing with colors, just like Affinity Designer. But most of those app also support the native OS X color picker, c.f. by giving a simple shortcut in the menu like "Show Colors" to open it. The color picker is an app that's been around for years. Many of us have vast collections of palettes for our projects in this app. With apps like Hues and Colors Pro plus the huge amount of plugins which is available for it, it's still happen to be one of the best ways to manage colors and get in them in our designs. In short: In my eyes this is a mandatory addition.
  5. Not sure if has been reported before, can't find any similar. If it is the case, sorry. When working in CMYK, the current color, recent colors and eyedropped color shows in RGB, which is very confusing as makes difficult to appreciate real color being used. I attached screen capture of the issue, showing path in real color and the rgb green in the dropper and cmyk selector.
  6. Hi, Very often, when you want to pick a color with the eyedrop, the current sliders in the view are not updated all the time to the picked color. 1. I pick the HSL Sliders 2. use the eyedrop to chose an existing color 3. click on the color to apply. 4. Sometimes (always ?), the sliders won't be updated to the color picked You have to switch to another slider type to refresh them.
  7. When adding noise from the top color selection tool to a shape the color changes on the screen- Pic 1 & 2. But when I added noise onto that same shape & color from the right panel it did fine. (not sure what to call the different panel selections)
  8. I find myself repeatedly setting up the color picker in Layer Effects > Colour Overlay, switching from either HSL Colour Wheel (apparent default in Layer Effect > Colour Overlay) or RGB Sliders (default in the context bar, just below the toolbar) to RGB Hex Sliders (my personal preference). The reset happens when I jump between color pickers in Colour Overlay and the context bar. To replicate: 1. Create a new document, and draw a rectangle. 2. Change the rectangle's fill color using the context bar color picker. 2a. Go to Colour tab in the picker, and change to RGB Hex Sliders. 3. Apply a layer effect to the rectangle. 3a. Check Colour Overlay, and select a color from its own color picker (either from the modal window, or from the Effects panel in the right sidebar). Change to RGB Hex Sliders. 4. With the rectangle still selected, open the color picker in the context bar; notice that the picker is now set to RGB Sliders. 5. Go back to the Colour Overlay settings, and click on the color picker; notice that the picker is now set to HSL Colour Wheel. (AD 1.1.0 on OS X 10.9.5)
  9. Not sure if I've included this before? When you click on a fill in the swatch panel. Right click > Rename-fill/Delete-fill 100% guaranteed to crash the app every time.
  10. Hi, nice offer for - 20% but without a Demo its a Risk of 80% ... ((-; So here are a few Questions, that are very important for me: Color: - can AD save and load individuel Color-Sets and save them with the Project-File? - is there support for HKS/Pantone Colors? - handle different Spot/CMYK colors in one Document? - any support of Preview ICC-Profiles? Export: - support for Adobe Acrobat Profiles or Distiller? - otherwise: can AD handle different Output-Profiles for EPS/PDF with export-Details like Cropmarks etc.? - export Selection only? Fonts: - Fonts on Paths or Objects over more than one Line? - Fonts convert to Paths? Paste: - Paste Vector-Objects inside another Object? Trace: - is a Trace-Tool included? (That was a very helpful Function at FreeHand, where you can do a selection on several Objects and they will be traced as a new Objects. You might remember? Know what i mean?) Ok, thats it. Looking forword for your answers and sorry for my unperfect english .. ((-; Cheers from Hamburg/Germany! Jan
  11. Good Morning, I'm just finishing my first piece of artwork produced with Affinity, and really enjoyed the process so far. However I would like to experiment with some different colours schemes, Is there a way to select and edit colours rather than replacing individually? or can I set up colour pallets with global settings?
  12. The attached 3 screenshot show 3 Affinity color modes CMYK (8 bit) RGB (8 bit) LAB/16 They defenitely do vary too extreme. The background vector rectangle has a neutral grey fill (cmyk 20/20/20/100) and a black/white level adjustment applied. The applications rendering intent is set to "Relative colorimetric" + "Black point compensation" active.
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