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  1. Hello again, the advice you gave me worked for the image I was asking about, I was able to fix to by changing the setting to "Apply tone curve". However, this issue has not actually been resolved for me, since this post, some images look normal with apply tone curve off, and some look normal with tone curve off... but now I'm having issues where no matter what the setting is, Affinity applies a harsher darker tone to what I'm getting in preview. I've tested out different photo editing software and Affinity is the only one that opens my files like this, am I missing something else? Or could thi
  2. I've been processing photos with Affinity for a few years now, I've never noticed this much of a difference in the color of a photo from when I'm previewing and then opened in Affinity. I'm not the most knowledgable person out there, but I know enough to know that RAW files are going to be a bit bland before processing, however, I don't ever recall it being this much of a difference. Forgive me if this is normal, if it's not, any tips and info on what's going on here would be appreciated.
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