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Found 532 results

  1. Okies, so this has been bothering me for ever since I got the app: when I go into the vexel persona, and try to do some painting, this is what meets me when I try to use the brush tool: And this might be perfectly normal for Affinity Designer, but just because I'm a noob and am used to Photoshop, I think this is weird. I am fully transitioning from Photoshop to Affinity Designer, and Photoshop doesn't display the brushes pixellated. So, I'm wondering: is this normal? If it's not, how do I change it? Thanks! PS: The brushes look just fine in the vector persona.
  2. Hi, if i change the stroke width under proberties, the brush window opens and will change pt in px degree so this works not. - why the brush window? - why here px and there pt? - how i can change all to px or pt? is it a bug or just ignorance :rolleyes: JING-Animation: http://screencast.com/t/J0buu6Tl OFFtopic: - how i can handle 2 curve-handles (end of the vid) when i smooth a Node? I want to mirrored change the curve-crescend Thanks a lot You remember me? i think will buy the designer too...it is better then inkscape !!! :ph34r:
  3. Well the subject tells it all : Make chafing the brush size a very nifty and much more intuitive operation like Adobe Lightroom can do. J.
  4. When scaling the SIZE of a paint brush the DENSITY of the brush changes also. Please look at my image. It is the same brush. Below the stroke has been downscaled but it also affects the density which I don't want to happen :huh: But I'd like to keep the same density for a brush in various sizes. Is that possible and how? I hope someone has a great tip :) Thanks a lot!
  5. Hi, I've noticed that when I select a dynamic brush with size variation (pressure or velocity) and try to use it using may wacom tablet, the result is a uniform stroke. I've tried to use different kinds of brushes but the size variation only works in Pixel Persona. Thanks.
  6. The option to control what the cursor looks like when using a brush. Please see attached file for more detail.
  7. Hi there MEB and the AD community. Been Photoshop a software that have + than two decades running, is plausible to find infinite brush presets and communities that develop them. I think it would make sense been able to import .abr files (photoshop brushes) in AD, since is perfectly legal to enable file compatibilities, and besides having its own file extension, presets and communities.
  8. Hi Would it be possible, and therefore perfect :-) to create just like in lightroom a brush inside the develop-mode to adjust for example exposure locally? thanks in advance Looking great!
  9. This is Quick Tip video covering how to use the InPainting Brush to touch up loose hairs in a photograph. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z8_Ot1fT9BY&feature=youtu.be
  10. I would LOVE to have a preference that would allow me to change the size of the brush using the scrolling of the mouse (rather than have it change the pan). Scrolling up and down would change the radius of the brush, and the same with an option key would change the hardness/softness of the brush. The brush radius is similar to what Aperture has, but Aperture doesn't have an option-scroll for changing the hardness. This is so much faster and smoother than using the keyboard it's ridiculous! After getting used to it in Aperture I hate using Photoshop - changing brush size interrupts the flow of painting.
  11. Why is the brush size capped at 1024 pixels. This seems to small.
  12. First of all: Affinity Designer is one of the best mac apps! I love it and I can't wait for Affinity Photo. Finally I can ditch bug-ridden Pixelmator. You might have already seen my review in the app store in which I listed a bunch of things that I think could be improved or added, but here I want to focus on just one. When you use a brush with size variance enabled you can control the width of the stroke while painting, but it seems like you cannot currently make changes "after the fact". What I hope to see is the ability to edit the stroke width at each node or point along the path, perhaps similar to the bezier handles. Side note: I think there should be a "Velocity (Inverse)" setting in the "Controller" drop-down menu for the vector brush tool options but it's missing. Thanks for stopping by!
  13. Hey team AD! I started playing with an old PSD to update my avatar on this forum. I wanted to mask out one layer using the brush, but got unexpected results. Please check out this video so you can see what I mean. Attached is the file as well. Thanks for everything you do, guys! ronny - quasmic.afdesign
  14. I created an arrow brush in the past for the someone community you can find it here. It is clear to me that there are some fundamental differences between brushes created in draw persona as opposed to brushes created in the pixel persona. I think most people think the brush type in the pixel persona are raster brushes. The brushes you make in draw persona? What would you call them? Their not vector brushes but the way they draw imitate how a vector brush would act but they based off of pixel data from images. of course I am not talking about the basic Solid brushes (which i assume are vector) but I more referring to custom texture based brushes. My second question is will we be able to create a vector brush within Affinity Designer and drop it into the brush editor and have that brush become a actual vector defined brush? I have some ideas but I can't really execute them if the brush is not a true vector data. Thoughts? Thanks :)
  15. Hi, I draw dorky stories with Affinity Designer. Smoothing helps a lot in drawing, because quite frankly – I suck in drawing smooth lines with the vector brush. I know this feature was requested already here before, but the thread hasn't been updated since mid-November. Any news on getting this feature on Affinity Designer?
  16. Please add the ability to draw straight lines with the brush tool. It would be a handy feature to have. Maybe you could just add a button on the brush properties bar that runs along the top, one that toggles straight line on or off.
  17. Hi there, thank you so much for replying every single post i've made that's insane in the good way of course. So in the past i've used one GIMP where you find a tool called Clone brush, and with the brush you can clone in one determined point the objects that you're brushing. Is that the same than symbols? I think that's a cool feature.
  18. Love AD so much, but the brush deal is really keeping me having to go back to AI. I'm having such a hard time creating simple vector brushes. I know I'm probably way too frustrated to see things clear or even try to perhaps. But why is it so hard to achieve a simple stroke like this with the pen tool? I tried pretty much everything. If anybody has any answers or solutions it will be greatly appreciated because I'm on the verge of just giving up. For what I do, these two strokes are a must. I tried making them and they become grey and cannot change the color nor convert them into curves.
  19. Hi, When l create a circle and use a brush for the stroke there's always a gap between the two ends, is there anyway that I can close this gap so it looks like a full circle. It nearly works with squares but it's still not closing as I'd expect it too. Im trying to create vector shapes with jagged/rough strokes and I can't see any way to do it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Loving the App anyway but this point is stopping me creating what I'm after. I've attached a file showing what I'm trying to acheive, this was created in another program (Artboard) and exported as a PDF, it's just a pencil stroke with rough effect applied. Even then, this doesn't close properly. If I could easily get this effect then I'm ready to dump all the other drawing programs that I currently have on my computer. My needs are fairly simple and i can see AD definately giving me everything I'm likely to need. Many Thanks in advance. Jagged Circle.afdesign
  20. Hi! I have a Wacom Bamboo. Vector brush to use not the apryeo control. The bitmap is well pressure control. Is a bug? Is not it? (I'm sorry I did not speak English well because Koreans)
  21. Lines that were dashed in Illustrator do not carry over as such in Affinity Designer.
  22. Hi, I want to use these 3 parallel lines to create curves and shapes - and remain parallel at all times. Is it possible in AD yet? Illustrator lets you do it by creating a custom brush. Freehand let you add multiple strokes to a vector to create the same effect. Can't see to figure this out in AD. S
  23. When drawing with textured vector brushes you are shown a black circle to indicate where the brush is on the canvas. However, shrink the brush down to a small size and this cursor becomes a white dot that gets easily lost against a white background, and so you can't see where you are drawing. Not sure if this issue is universal, as I am only using textured vector brushes at the moment, but seems to me maybe an option for a different cursor might be a simple way to address the problem. How about an option for an actual brush as the cursor? I tried to take a screenshot, but it wouldn't show the cursor. To see what I'm talking about just shrink the size of a textured vector brush and try to draw on a white background. Can't really be done. :(
  24. It appears the opacity option at the top to the right of the width option when in vector brush tool mode is not functioning. Strokes remain consistent to 100% despite adjusting. Perhaps I am doing something wrong as it is my first day using this software. Thank you, Chris R.
  25. When drawing small circles with a brush, there are some small white spots in the middle (overlapping problem, I guess).
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