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  1. Im having a similar problem and found this topic. I bought AD on release, got the e-mail and the resources; But i recently lost my hdd and only now searching my e-mails i realized that one was deleted when i did a major clean up some time ago. How can i get then again?
  2. Hi Short after the launch of AD's retail for windows (1.5) ive come to a hiatus working with graphics that made me out of the loop regarding Designers latest developments. I was following every update closely until then and i recall having some bugs and issues with 1.5 - and firing it up again today i found it strange not being prompted for any update. Coming here just now ive found out the updates are still coming but for beta only wich is 1.6 something at this time - but now theres too many updates since 1.5 for me to peruse it all as well as most recent bugs so im coming here for some help deciding wich version to use. I know only retail is recommended for production but if im not mistaken bugs with symbols and text on 1.5 were really getting in my way and since symbols came up its my most beloved and used feature on Designer so im more then willing on dealing with any other odd bug for a better experience with that. 1- Was any feature added since 1.5? Besides bug fixing any new features im ignorant of? I was really looking up for some planed and missing features. 2- Does beta have better symbols? 3- Which is the most stable/safe beta version? I mean, i recall some beta updates bringing up issues that weren't there prior and one or two builds being particularly more troublesome (prior to 1.5). Most probably the latest beta is the best one, just asking if this particular build is in someway more unstable or toublesome then the previous one- in case i decide to go with beta. 4- By any chance its possible to have two builds installed? Of course being well aware that saved files within each may work differently, i could see myself saving and finishing up final work on retail while doing busy work on beta without overlaping saves using things like exporting and importing. Any help?
  3. vincer

    Affinity Designer Woes

    Theres really something exceptional going on. Im also on gtx960, with less ran, an i5... I used illustrator before and that feels sluggish when compared to Affinity Designer. Runs so fast and smooth for me that even changed my worklow. The major difference i see is OS- im on windows 10. Maybe its a os specific bug. Also i know AD on windows had a history of bugs with wacom tablets, now supposedly solved, but maybe some combination of peripheral, driver version and os places you in a exception. You can give up hardware fiddling, the problem is certainly some bad interference between AD and some software- be it driver (third party or OS) or background apps. Singling out the trigger can be a slow process, but try runing AD without your tablet. Turning off all background apps (and their services, as some use services always on). If that doesn't show any change then uninstalling/re-installing your wacom just to be sure (if you uninstall run AD with it uninstalled). Exceptional cases like this are harder to see fixed, way better if theres a clear source pin pointed.
  4. Of all the speed and practical features i enjoy in my workflow- wich AD excels and covers me (thanks a lot!) - the most crucial for me is missing: profiles. (2nd most, right below shortcuts) I want speed. I want to focus on what im working with - and something that enhances the experience a lot is having the interface suited precisely for what im doing. The more tabs i have to find/click, floating windows, move the cursor across my monitor and such the less i concentrate; I easily get into 'the flow' - and AD is top on getting me there, thanks A LOT - but it fades and breaks the more menu fiddling i have to do. AD already is councious of that with the amazing Draw, Pixel and Export personas. Amazing. But how much im missing fine tuning then to specific needs. Typography for instance. How much i wanted to 'click' in typography (how i would call a personal profile) and the interface changing to show all text panels in the layout i liked most for that. Or the symbols and assets panels (loving these features) wich sits better docked alongside the artboard but only when i need then... Wouldn't be any fuss if my process was linear - first this then that - but i constantly switch between 'modes' so to say, ridiculously more so the earlier i am on a design - testing and tuning combinations of elements and alterntives and such. Surely not as critical as bug fixing, or major features (how much i want some kind of 'blob brush') - but considering how Ux is king and on my view what is making AD take on the competition so well (killing at it id say), this is pretty much the only major Ui/ux feature i see missing from the perfect AD i can envision. Just imagining assigning some shortcuts to profiles and swithcing in the blink of a eye would sit really really well alongside the fluid 10000 zoom, infinite history... the feel and practicity of the whole thing.
  5. I love you. I love the affinity team too. Guess im still habituated to bloated interfaces and sub-menued-hidden operations, can't believe how i missed that. I work with ui/ux and i can see how that came from my expectations, previous mental models. I was deceived by the stroke properties window, expecting it to hold full control and options on strokes - makes sense, but would be redundant given the list is already at the brushes panel. Sorry for the dumb question, thanks a lot for the quick answer!
  6. Even tough i have a tablet im not good with it - in other apps smoother/less precise drawing options always saved me, and when not Lazy Nezumi. Unfortunally Lazy Nezumi isn't working with my particular tablet+affinity beta on windows, and AD's default smooth while good isn't enougth for my terrible jibbling lines. So like i do 90% of the time i go with the pen tool like im used to... But i can't for my life find how to apply brushes to curves made with the pen. Am i missing something? And if im not how thats not allowed? I mean, since brush tool also create curves, i tought that wouldn't make a difference how i created a curve. Surely pen misses pressure and speed of a stylus so i can get not having that- but vector brushes should apply to curve right? Is there a more hidden menu option for it? If there aren't is there any work around? Heck, i wouldn't mind to lock curve editing to apply a brush if thats what it takes. Took me a long time tracing a image (im loving AD, can't stop using it!) that i planed to use with a brush... im stuck now. Any ideas?
  7. vincer

    Grain/Noise effect

    Any news on this? This and some kind of blob brush are probably the only things i really miss in Affinity; Sure theres a lot i would love to see added but they would, well add- Halftones and Blob feels like a void, frequently i reach to them and they're not there.