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    Drawing, cartooning, small-press comics, animation (all types), antique ad art, graphic design, web design, 3d modeling... oh heck, a lot of stuff. ;-)
  1. Greetings Affinity, and fellow users... My top two feature requests for Designer, ones I feel it DESPERATELY needs... Free Transform/Warp Mesh/Envelope function - We're waayyy past due on this request. Other apps, like VectorStyler, have this already built-in. Node-based Gradient editor - Based on the above tech, the ability to assign color to vector-nodes puts AD in a more competitive position. None of this is meant as a commentary on the current Designer development, I really, REALLY want to kick Illustrator to the curb. Cheers! jB
  2. Greetings programs, I would love to see a feature similar to the Effect Lines feature in the old drawing program, Creature House Expression 3.3 (pre-Microsoft acquisition). Essentially, you would draw two lines, turn on Effect Lines, and Expression would generate a series of lines based on current brush settings. The EL palette was used to tweak the line effect... a great tool for generating comic-style, effects lines. You could also convert to individual paths if desired. Cheers! jB
  3. Greetings Affinity, I was wondering if it would be helpful to have a HEX field available in all color profile palettes/windows. Lately, I've been working in HSL, as I find it easier to target a particular color, and it would be nice to have the HEX code running alongside the sliders (like RGB Hex). Also, I've been using AD to comp web designs and I'm constantly bouncing between RGB Hex and HSL to input HEX colors from a pre-existing brand style guide. Just a thought. :-) Cheers! jB
  4. Thanx MattP! :-) Expression and I go waaaay back. I was part of the Beta test team for Exp2 when it was under Fractal Design's umbrella. At the time, Exp1 couldn't support raster data, so you couldn't use the program to "ink" overtop scanned pencil art. When I brought this up to the program manager, he told me they were working on version 2 which would support raster data import and invited me to join the Beta program. The rest, as they say, is history. Serif made me a lifelong supporter with Affinity Designer... it's put me back in the comic business. :-) Cheers! jB
  5. Greetings all! I wanted to show off my artistic endeavors with Affinity Designer. A lil' backstory, I used to do the small-press comic scene 10+ years ago and used a program called Creature House's Expression 3. In 2003, Microsoft bought Expression and continued the program... haphazardly... but only for Windows. As a Mac user, I lost my favorite digital inking program as OS updates rendered the old version of Expression useless. Flash forward to 2015, Affinity Designer appears and gives me another chance at creating natural looking, vector-based art. Check out my weekly comic strip, Wee Freekz... www.facebook.com/weefreekz Cheers! jB
  6. Leigh, Thanx for the response, and the links. :-) I've watched many tutorials and looked thru the help docs, but couldn't find any parameters for creating the brush source artwork. Regards, jB
  7. Greetings all, Are there any rules, or guidelines, for creating the artwork used to create custom, textured brushes in Affinity Designer? I've been using 300 dpi PNGs, RGB, white stroke against black background. Regards, jB
  8. MEB, Thank you for placing this question/request in the proper channel. Right now, the variable brush size increase/decrease is my only major gripe. ;-) Regards, jB
  9. Greetings All! I have a question about increasing/decreasing brush size in Affinity Designer's Draw and Pixel persona. Note: I have my Wacom tablet setup to change brush size via mapping [ and ] to pen rocker switch. I've noticed that the value for increasing, or decreasing, brush size appears variable, with no consistency. For example, I start with a brush size of 10, click ] to go up, brush is increased to 11.8. If I click [ and go down, the brush is now 9.8... not 10. Is there anyway to set, or lock down, the brush increase/decrease value? The reason I ask, is I'm doing artwork for a comic strip and I vary between two brush sizes. It would help if my increase/decrease was a set value, as I end up having to do a lot of clean-up work on brush strokes in post. Regards, jB
  10. Greetings programs! My name is John Boissy,... a Graphic/Web Designer in Ypsilanti, MI, USA with almost 25 year in the biz. I'm evaluating the Affinity Designer demo because I need a vector, drawing tool that features natural media brushes similar to the old Fractal Design/Creature House Expression (before MS bought it and screwed it up). So far, I love what I see... AD brushes are almost exactly like EXP brushes! I'm looking to get back into the Small-Press Comic biz and I'm hoping AD will be my new digital inking workhorse. I'm so glad I found Affinity Design... now, back to the drawering! ;-) Regards, jB
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