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  1. Hi Simon, yes he is the beast and what I can say about Stardew Valley: What an amazing game!!! haha Thank Kasper, I cant draw with pencil cuz I cant handle the pressure and the shapes of lines. I am trying to move forward with the drawing tablet cuz trackpad has a lot of limitation,
  2. Some people call me mad because I use Affinity Designer and Trackpad (yes trackpad only cuz I am really bad with digital drawing) for drawing stuff, especially with some manga and comic styles. I started using Affinity Designer since 2017 and now I use AD only for working. Here are some of my works, I am mainly working as Developer but trying to be an amateur artist: https://goo.gl/Av9BvK I am using Frankentoon brushes for drawing - it also is really awesome.
  3. Hi guys, I am new here in our 4rum but I have used AD for more than 3 years. This is an amazing tool which made me quit all Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I believe AD can match against Adobe after all. However, the new version of Illustrator 2019 has an incredible feature which is Freeform Gradient. Some people might say meh it sucks but I found out that it is quite cool, especially for people who use AD as a drawing tool and suck in coloring like me. I am wondering that will AD dev implement this feature to AD in the near future? It is already 10 months since the last update for AD in Mac and I am really excited to know that we will have a new big update for AD.

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