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  1. Totally agree! It would be really useful to be able to animate and export simple gifs inside the software.
  2. Hi meb, appreciate the reply! Yes, that's pretty much what I'm talking about but I personally think Designer can be just as design aids-dependent as Publisher (unlike Photo) so it would be really handy to have the same feature in Designer and... I don't have Publisher yet but I did have InDesign.
  3. Hi devs and fellow affinity users! I am someone who loves using design aids in my workflow but having to constantly turn them all off one by one just to see how my design looks can be very time consuming (and sometimes confusing when using shortcuts for each one). The feature i'm requesting is basically being able to show/hide all the design aids ALTOGETHER such as but not necessarily limited to: bleeds, margins, guides, grids, column guides, etc. Instead of having a separate option for this which I think is unnecessary, I think this could be a useful upgrade for the "Clip to Canvas" option AND to have all contents on the bleed be clipped too since they're not really part of the final design (at least in my case). What do you guys think? I'd be happy to have a conversation with anyone! (I've tried to search if there's a post related to this but it seems like there isn't, and if this feature already exists please do let me know.)
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