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  1. I'm glad to hear thet, Stuart. Rocks, little crystal pieces, amber too, I bought last year and stacked a lot of them with my lumix fz1000. But that would be another thread, when showing some examples. Here is my microscope (without cam fitted, and without light). I modified the fine drive a little. One complete turnaround of the knob is 0,1 mm and there were 50 degrees, one step therefore is 0,002 mm. Now I have at maximum 400 degrees with that black wheel I mounted, 8 times finer. It is needed when I use 16x or 20x lenses, not generally.
  2. Stuart, no rocks, it was a solution of ascorbine-acid powder in destilled water, what crystalled again then when I put a drop or two on a glas. You can also take ethanol + water for the solution. I've to learn a lot doing this within different crystalic powders, but it makes a lot of fun. Here are two examples when you put only the polarizer and analyzer on the right place into the light-beam - and when you place a piece of acryl there, too. But it must be molecularly deformed, as a cd-case for example. If not and it is only transparent, nothing happened and the colors will keep pastellic. It's ascorbine acid/vitamin C again.
  3. It's the second I'll do beneath macro-stacks (indoor).I use a clockwork-lomo micorscope, build in 1973, an 21 mp ocular-cam hy-1138 from china, and for some photos I use not only polarizing filters but a cd-case for more colors. This pic consisted of 172 jpg's with a ROW 6,0/0,15 lens.
  4. The problem seems to be solved today, I got no longer the remark that I use a test version.
  5. Peter47628

    Focus Merge in Affinity Photo

    @ gypsythief: You are using a Panasonic G9? I'm stacking with the FZ1000. But, if you use the ImageApp and GBracket too, stacking is nearly full automatic. You then set the middle sharpness on your cam, the nearest and the farest point on GBracket then, select the stepping (1-10), some parameters you can also change as ISO, shutter speed, aperture, and then GB does the rest. GB has been programmed by a German doctor (Holger Kremmin), and runs only in combination with the ImageApp - on IOS or Android. What you also can do, are HDR-Stacks (up to 7 series) and - HiRes-Stacks with the G9. The largest number of pictures for a stack is 1025 - and, if you do extremly close up, you get near to it. This is an example done with the Raynox 250 close-up lens mounted on my fz1000 - a butterfly-detail, consisting of 233 raw's, and a prepared beetle too, with raynox 150..
  6. Hello, I'm using AP 1.6 since 11/12/2018, and was satified with it till now. You know, Im a focus-stacker, macro, and now micro too. When doing macro-stacks with my lumix fz1000, I could load up till 950 raw's. and AP did its work without a problem. For my microscope now I bought an ocular-cam, 21MP from china, model hayear HY-1138. At moment can pics only be saved as jpg, My first bigger stack with it, a dried sheet of a multi-colored rose, consists of 598 jpg's. But herewith AP hung up within arrange them in a line, after 3/4 was done. I got no remark of a mistake, waited 4 hours, but nothing happened. For getting the result I attached, I had to split the 598 jpg's into 24 parts, stacking them and the 24 results again. I wonder about the reason, cause raw's are much bigger than jpg's - and with raws, even more than 598, no problems occured till now. That's the result when I stacked twice. It'S ok, but too much work and time.
  7. It's not only this problem. Here I hope that the update is found in the win store in a few days. But - I use AP nearly alway for focus stacking or merging, as it is called in the english version. Since a month or so not only macro-stacks, but micro-stacks too. This example were 598 jpg's taken with an ocular-cam (made in china), but I had to do 24 part-stacks and then stacking them again for the result. The program did not crash before I did so, it did 3/4 from steering (hope it's the correct word), and then for about 4 hours nothing. When I do macro-stacks with my lumix fz1000 in raw, there could be a lot more of pics (over 900) and I never had a prob. iI is a dried sheet of a multi-colored rose, the serie taken with an 21MP ocular-cam HY-1138 and a zeiss mikrotar-4,5/30 rms-lens on a lomo microscope.
  8. When I visited the windows store and searched for an update, I got the information that AP had been installed, but not what version. Funny, such unnecessary probs.
  9. Hello, I use AP since 11 or 12/2018 and are more than satisfied with it. Have bought it without that code in win10-store. The update now to version 1.7 asks me for a code - I thought it would recognize that I've bought 1.6 over microsoft ? Best Regards P.Doepper
  10. Peter47628

    False Pixels when Stacking/Focus combine

    Gabe, i've found out when I used the filter "dust and scratch" carefully, AP removed the artefacts without removing other details from the final image. I'm happy . A few words to the other way of removing hot or dead pixels within batching the RAW's, too. DarkTable is the RAW-Converter with the most possibilities, but not with the best hand-book or the best GUI for self-learners. DT has the 2 functions "demosaic" (also sometimes usefully for me) and "hot pixel" specially for my problem here. Both only for RAW's and not TIFF-files, and I have to find out, if I can use them not only with a single RAW but when batching a staple. If you will improve AP in the future, I would be glad to have such functions when batching RAW's - but for now I will use "dust and scratch" in the final image.
  11. Peter47628

    False Pixels when Stacking/Focus combine

    Yes. I did't have a look at each of the 250 TIFF's, selected some where I did, and there are some dead pixels. And the artefacts when stacking are the same as in the RAW-stack. Zerene, what isn't able to stack RAW's had no artefacts. I give you here a small result of a RAW stack with AP where red wasn't dominating, there I had to remove only two artefacts.
  12. Peter47628

    False Pixels when Stacking/Focus combine

    Thank You for the honest answer, Gabe. I now let Silky Pix Pro 7 develop the RAW's and with the resulting TIFF'S let do the stack with the latest beta of AP. But the artefacts are still there. To compare I further let Zerene Prosumer stacking, and there are none. Means, the reason is the basic batch processing, not RAW or TIFF, I think. What I also noticed: When I let AP focus-stacking with TIFF's, it gets a problem with a number of 250 files. But I can do - depends upon the imaging scale how many - a maximum of 1025 RAW's with the remote-controlling apps for my Lumix FZ1000. 955 was the largest number I had once, and with that big RAW-staple stacking AP had no problem. It's clear to me, that there is some work to do for the AP-team, but do it. It's a great prog, and I like it.
  13. Peter47628

    False Pixels when Stacking/Focus combine

    Oh . Then - and I will not develop every single pic of a big RAW-staple - I have to use special RAW-developing progs such as Silkypix Pro or DarkTable, right ? I own both of them and RawTherapee too, but hope that in the future this will be solved in AP.
  14. Peter47628

    False Pixels when Stacking/Focus combine

    Thanks, Gabe Developing into TIFF I prevented yet, cause it's more work and the files will become 2/3 larger. Cause AP is able to do Batch jobs, could I do one with the RAW-files without converting them into TIFF, to remove the hot pixels there ? Probabely not I think, but if, and I would find good parameters for that, I then had to save into TIFF too. But I still wonder why those hot pixels nearly always occure when red is the dominating colour. Most of the stacks I do are less red, and with the simplified processing the result is nearly without hot pixels.
  15. Peter47628

    False Pixels when Stacking/Focus combine

    Hi Gabe, the RAW-staple should have arrived at the dropbox .