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  1. Hi, as you know I'm a focus-stacker, and of curse I would like to see if and how this can be done with the FZ82. For this I bought a tube, which is screwed on the lens body and on the upper side filters or close-up lenses can be srewed in. (A feature which I wished the FZ1000 had it too). First result: The Canon 500D achromatc close up lens seems to harmonize with the Lumix camera-lens. And, because the big zoom, I will have a lot of possibilities to test, also with the raynoxes 150 and 250, too - hoping that they also will harmonize with the lens... My first test: simple honey-waffles - and I see that I have to set down ISO when stacking. Here the data are f/5,6, 1/30 sec, ISO 800 and 151 mm focal distance.
  2. Hi Chris, yes, I'm using different cameras. The Lumix FZ1000 will be detected automatically, the new FZ82 not - I think this is so cause AP has a group for it (FZ45 and similarI. Also do micro-stacks (with a chinese ocular-cam on my biolam-microscope) but convert them in tiff before they were combined in AP to a single photo 😊. Now, after two days, I know the parameters for RAW-developing - and the cam is great, even with it's little sensor. I add two to FHD resized pics - my first ones with this cam - taken from the same position out of my window. It's a look to duesseldorf's central-station, the distance is 1,3 km. Both taken without tripod, and the weather wasn't fine as you can see. ETTR (exposure to the right) - oh no, better not. Details could be lost then...
  3. That's it, carl, many thanks 😊. Peter
  4. Thank You, carl and Chris 😊 @ carl: I don't find the lens profiles there - must it be enabled to be visible anyhow ? Have made a screenshot, You see there are only 4 tabs instead of 5 at your example-pic, and lens is missing. I use the german version 1.8 of AP. Translated: Einfach = basic; and so on.. @ Chis: In the future I will have two cameras - the FZ1000 (works automatically), and the FZ82, where I'm searching for a solution to switch between them. . Sorry for the circumstances, but I think we're only a little step away from the solution 😊. Regards Peter
  5. Thank You, Geoff 😊. At first I had a little problem cause I searched for the lens profile in the develop persona - but it is found in the photo persona among filters. And can`t be saved, each RAW file I have to develop first within this mistake and than correct it, right ? I found a function in the DP: "additional lens profiles will be loaded at start from the folder lens profiles". This is empty yet, but I don't know how to safe the profile (from photo persona) into it ?? Regards Peter
  6. Hello, I own the Lumix FZ1000 and anything works fine. Now I ordered the FZ82 too. Haven't received it till now, but found some RAW's from it in the net. When I tried to develope them, I got vignettes at every corner - see example. Doing the same with SilkyPix 7Pro, no vignettes occured. I wonder if it is my mistake, that I had to adjust something in the prog before, or not ?? Have attached the RAW file too. Thx for helping 😊 Peter 01.RW2
  7. Hello, I'm a little astonished and irritated. Own the AP Photo Workbook, and tried to download the first example - https//affin.co/mamtorDE. Doing this with Google Chrome, I was lead to an overview to some questions here in the forum. But when I did it with Firefox, I got the zip-file I needed (mam_tor.zip). A little bit funny...
  8. Thx for welcoming You know - until 10/2019 I used AP for focus-stacking - macro and micro. Then I let remove the IR-Filter in front of the sensor from one of my Lumix FZ1000. Cause we had some days with good weather last october, I could shoot a lot of photos. Now in winter I restore slides which I had scanned years ago (and AP is even very good for doing), but I'm waiting for spring and summer
  9. Thank You, Walt. It was so: First I opened the mydealz-link And there was said, one can open "welcome" in the AP help to get the JR-macros there. So I did, but had not checked the description, sorry
  10. I got the info about that free pack not from serif, but from a friend, who found it at mydealz. Installed it - but for all those, where english is not the native language, a few words (one sentence) about each function of the different macros would be very helpfull. Clear to me directly as an infrared-photographer was "red/blue channel-swap" - the others learnig by doing ?
  11. Not yet - cause this winter is not very cold this year. And if, you have to go outside then... I add a further macro-stack done with affinity.
  12. No, it's not an apple, it's a small berry. And the second one - yes, is microskopy. A soluted crystal, recrystalled on a glass. With two crossed polarizing filters, manuell stacked for through-going sharpness. The former was ascorbine acid/vitamin C, this one is wine acid..
  13. FocusStacker, Affinity also does Macro-Stacks - even Micro. I compared the results with them from Zerene - no difference .I attached some examples...
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