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  1. Peter47628

    Focus Stacking with Lumix DMC FZ1000

    In between I found out, that AP is able to handle Stacking-Series with more than 900 single photos. Two of them (crystal-details in 3:1) I will upload to show you. What shall I say - AP is for me the best picture-processing software all over the world .
  2. Peter47628

    Focus Stacking with Lumix DMC FZ1000

    Thanks, John. Here is a picture which took a lot more shots, exactly 426, and AP had about 3 hours to do with this gauge "N" locomotive. Cause I let it always do RAW-Stacking, and do not convert the RAW-Staple into TIFF before. But, I'm an old man and have time enough for waiting until it's ready And, Focus Stacking makes a lot of fun, as well as post-processing with AP, too. Peter
  3. Peter47628

    Focus Stacking with Lumix DMC FZ1000

    John, the number of shots is taken automatically by GSimpleRelease, the remote-control app-tool. I have to fix there the nearest and the farest point of sharpness, then start it, and it shot the serie. And had within other motives more than 168 shots. The way is so: At first I have to connect my FZ1000 with the Panasonic ImageApp - when they have connected, I have to start GSimpleRelease and do so as I wrote. The processing time mostly is about half an hour, sometimes a little more. And steps - if you choose in GSR a larger number than 1, you will loose details. I will soon connect my Samsung S7 to an old 21" monitor, thinking that it is easier this way to find the sharpness-points as within the little displays on camera or handy. Peter
  4. Peter47628

    Focus Stacking with Lumix DMC FZ1000

    Thanks, cirrostratus. The white rose were 168 RAW's with the FZ + Canon 500D achromat.
  5. Peter47628

    Focus Stacking with Lumix DMC FZ1000

    Thanks, John. I started Focus Stacking in 8/2018, had (and have) a good mentor in the Lumix Forum, but I'm still learning. At next I will connect my Galaxy S7 to an old 21" monitor, to hsve better control over sharpness, light settings etc. as the little displays on FZ and S7 can give.. Peter
  6. Its my hobby doing this with the FZ1000, Canon 500D + Raynox 150/250 achromats, two light tents, macro led lamps, and several under- and backgrounds as mirrors etc. Remote control when shooting series via Panasonic ImageApp and GSimpleRelease. Before AP I used Zerene Prosumer to get one photo from the staple. Here some examples what I'm doing. Sorry for my english
  7. Peter47628

    Serial Number ?

    Thank You for Your support. AP does the same as Zerene (costs 200€), the same as Photoshop, and as any RAW-Converter. It's great.
  8. I bought Affinity Photo in 11/2018 at the Windows Store, got it and it runs, but got no Serial Number. Ok, I don`t think that my pc crashes, but if? As far as I know, one receives them when bying in Your store. At moment I use AP nearly alway for focus stacking, and it works great . Peter