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  1. Coming from a new user of both Luminar 4 and Affinity Photo, I can recommend pieces of both. The selling point of Affinity was a very capable focus stacking module able to ingest RAW files (Nikon .NEF's) within a full-featured photo processor (I don't give a DAM (sorry, had to say that)) for less than half the price of a dedicated focus stacker like Zerene or Helicon Focus.
  2. Peter, I saw the apple (looks well stacked), but what does this image (frost on a windowpane? crystallography?) have to do with focus stacking? Is it microscopy?
  3. I was looking for focus stacking software for landscapes, and reviewed (quickly and dirtily) Picolay, Zerene, ACDSee, Helicon, and Affinity Photo. I was surprised to find that a full-featured photo editor (Affinity) handled my landscape sequences from 1 foot to infinity easily, accurately, and at lesser cost. I don't claim that I gave any of these programs an in depth review, just that Affinity handled the stacks I threw at it with the least fuss AND highest accuracy, as an average measure of those two criteria. It will be interesting to see if it does macro stacking as nicely.
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