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  1. More pictures here: http://sedermasochism.com/book/
  2. I have some .svg images in my file. If I double click on one, the .svg shows up all by itself, presumably for editing. However all the "Pages" then disappear, and I have no way to navigate back to them. Even if I "reset studio," the only thing I can see is the .svg. I have to close and reopen to get back to my pages. UPDATE: I just quit Publisher to do just that, and apparently what's happening is the embedded .svg has opened in its own tab (I can see it in the screencap below, it says "<embedded>"). So now I know what's going on. Just some feedback - this is hella confusing! Would be better if I could stay in the file I was editing and see my pages under the Pages tab, to which I am always referring, rather than getting lost like this.
  3. I would also like to export text, as I have made many changes and corrections to the text within Publisher.
  4. I'm designing a 200-page (approx) 8.5" x 8.5" square color book to be (at least initially) printed by CreateSpace, with Perfect binding. I would love a setting that automatically shifts images that cross the center fold about a quarter inch to each side. Right now it looks like I'll have to duplicate and shift everything manually. Overall I'm really enjoying Affinity Publisher!

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