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  1. Hi Team I updated Affinity Photo to 1.7 for my Windows Surface and was offered the Inksy Brushes which installed immediately - ok I updated Designer to 1.7 and was given a bunch of fonts and some other iconic stuff but when i updated Photo and Designer to 1.7 on my iPad Pro no sort of offers turned up any way of obtaining these free by for the iPad versions, please?
  2. The inksy brushes installed immediately on windows but i just updated affinity photo on my iPad Pro and don’t get the offer to add inksy brushes
  3. Hi John, Have you thought of adding some other forest floor items such as the prickly green things and conkers etc? (I forget what they are called) They'd fit in well with your leaves. Regards
  4. Hi Mark, I was referred here after requesting an updated Affinity Designer (and Photo) UI. I did mention the iPad UI as an example but I was thinking more of the Project experience rather than asking for a total design. I'm not suggesting that desktop users dumb down their methods. On opening AD for Windows 10 I am suggesting that, if possible, could the user be sent to the recent and currently open projects visually rather than a document list. I appreciate that not every Windows user has, or even wants, a touch or pen based experience for me the request is to ease workflow and organisation of multiple projects running concurrently. Regards Mike
  5. Hi Affinity, I use Affinity Photo on a Microsoft Surface Pro which has a Touch Screen and a Pen and would like to request that the UI be the same as that for the iPad Pro versions. The iOS version opens to pictures of the current, and recent, projects available whereas the Windows 10 version opens to a business world from the last century. Although I appreciate that Windows 10 has a definite feel which comes from it's origins with the introduction of the Surface Go and the popularity of the Surface range could it be possible for Affinity.Serif to rethink their program's UI to take advantage of Touch Screen and a Pen, please? regards Mike
  6. Hi Affinity, I use Affinity Designer on a Microsoft Surface Pro as well as an iPad. The iOS version opens to pictures of the current, and recent, projects available whereas the Windows 10 version opens to a blank or document based list. I'm not requsting a UI overhaul but rather a visual project based offering when AD, or AP, is opened to better assist working with multiple projects. regards Mike
  7. the question disappeared somewhere...is there a way to change the sizes of the menu icons etc surrounding the image as i can always use tab to make them disappear? for example Sketchable takes advantage of the screen real estate of the Surface but Photo and Designer have tiny icons suitable to a large or secondary screen. Can the icon sizes be increased? (maybe I need new spectacles?) regards
  8. Hi Alfred, Thanks again. You helped me yesterday regarding Affinity for Windows Desktop. So should I install the free content onto the Desktop (ie the Brushes) too? I have another question for you seeing that you know about Windows: On my Surface Pro I needed to change the display size to 225% to make the Affinity Desktop apps better to see. As the taskbar appear small compared to using the iPad for example. Regards Mike
  9. on the Opening Page for Affinity Photo for Windows it has a Banner saying that for purchasers of Affinity Photo for iPad they will receive 3 'gifts'. Although I purchased the Desktop versions directly via the Affinity Store I purchased the iPad apps from the Apple Store. Are the 'gifts' available for all or are they as an in app purchase?
  10. When I purchased Infinity Designer for Windows I also received a download Grade UI. The instructions recommended going to Google and obtain some TTFs. I obtained Roboto and Roboto-Condensed but the instructions don't say how to get them to work in Designer. I opened the Grade UI - Example Homepages page which has a pop-up in Designer saying that I don't have the fonts installed. How do I install these fonts to enable them to display in Affinity Designer for Windows. regards
  11. Hi Serif.Affinity Team, I have recently purchased Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for iPad from the Apple Store. Everything is fine. I am currently considering to purchase both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for my Windows 10 PC which is a Surface Pro. I understand that I can purchase from either Affinity.Serif or via the Microsoft Store. I would like to know if there is a difference between purchasing from the different ways. For example are updates available via both methods? Are they both equally supported? regards Mike
  12. Typical sketch of a Glass Ball created in AD for the iPad. EFB0BC8A-7E7D-40C3-A717-F8B6094D02B5.psd
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