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  1. I have pencil 2 and ipad pro 3th 12,9. so there isn’t a way, software, to simulate di Hover?
  2. Autocad for example. A line that intersect another one and i can, with a click, delete one side or the other.
  3. Is there a way to trimming in Affinity Designer 2 for ipad?
  4. Is there a way ro simulate the pencil hover on ipad and Affinity Designer?
  5. Thank you. But i have two tables and each one has a grid that is visible only when i click on the single table. I can’t showing the two tables with grid at same time.
  6. In Affinity Designer for iPad is there a way to showing the grid in multiple tables at same time?
  7. Trims objects to meet the edges of other objects. Also lines.
  8. Is there a trim option in Affinity Designer for iPad ?
  9. How can I replay the procedure with affinity photo for ipad?
  10. In Mac version I can see a preview of cloned part before to place. How can I obtain same result in iPad ?
  11. Yes i know, but i can’t see exactly where. Then, if i would moving the cross i wouldn’t. And when i point my pencil to destination point is very very hard find the position.
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