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  1. PixelDude Raoul

    Tutorials Downloads

    You are absolutely right. With a right-click and then 'load the frame again' (maybe not correctly translated in English) ... it works. Many thanks for this great wenk.
  2. PixelDude Raoul

    Tutorials Downloads

    I encounter the same problems ... the download of tutorials is no longer possible. I'm using the 'Internet Download Manager'. In the past I downloaded most of the tutorials for offline view. But any newer one (and even the older ones when I try to download them again) ... not possible any longer. I hope that the Affinity Photo users will be given the possibility to downlaod them very soon. This is my first and indirect complain of a beautifull program.
  3. PixelDude Raoul

    Nick Collection in version 1.7.0

    I downloaded the Windows version but the NIK application doesn't work better as in the 1.7.0 version: - in the Olympus ORF (RAW) files and DNG, only the plugin 'HDR EfexPro 2' can be applied - in J(E)PG all 8 NIK fucntions are functional. Why not all in RAW?
  4. PixelDude Raoul

    Custom ratio's of the crop tool

    Where can a backup (I have backup programs for the system running and 1.6 is a part of it) of these setting be found on the C-drive, in the old program?
  5. In the AP version 1.6 I had introduced in the Photo Persona several Custom Ratio's of the Crop Tool. After the update to the 1.7 version they are all gone. Is it possible to retrieve them or do I have to import them one by one again?
  6. PixelDude Raoul

    Nick Collection in version 1.7.0

    Ik heb het geprobeerd met een origineel ORF (Olympus Raw File) en ook na having geconverteerd naar een DNG-bestand. Hetzelfde probleem, alleen de HRD van Nik werkt. Ik heb het allemaal in hetzelfde bestand geprobeerd, maar nu als JPG ... en alle 8 Nik-fucntions kunnen worden worden !! Dus niet op een ORF, niet op een DNG, maar op een 'ja' voor een JPG. Nog een opmerkelijk feit. Ik werk met twee schermen in de uitgebreide versie. Sommige Nik-gereedschappen openen zich op het scherm waar AF functioneel is, andere gereedschappen op het andere scherm. Geen probleem als zodanig, maar vreemd.
  7. PixelDude Raoul

    Nick Collection in version 1.7.0

    I've installed them now in the C drive as C:\Program Files\Google\Nik collection. I became the same vieuw as before, exact the same as HVDB ... but again, only the HDR od the 8 plugins is working. So, it didn't help. And to UWE, when it would be an UAC problem, why would 'one' work and the other seven not?
  8. PixelDude Raoul

    Free inksy-street brushes

    When I downloaded the brushes about 8 hours ago, 3 times consequetively, it resultend 3 times in ... nothing. When I made a new download, 8 hours later, I saw that the downloaded file was now marked with the Affinity symbol, which wasn't the case in the 3 earlier downloads. Now I have the impression to have it installed, twice once as Inksy Street Art 2 and once as Inksy Street 22 ? The same? But yes, ... the brushes are present now.
  9. PixelDude Raoul

    Nick Collection in version 1.7.0

    Ja, de 8 plug-ins zijn zichtbaar. Analog Efex Pro 2 en Color Efex Pro 4 werken beide in de groene status. De andere 6 in de gele status 'onbekend', zoals in versie 1.6. Maar alleen HDR Efex Pro 2 kan gebruikt worden.
  10. I installed the free inksy-street brushes in the version of AP by clickint on the download (self -installing?) ... but can't find them at the brushes tool? (12 subjects starting with 'basic', ending with 'DAUB watercolors').
  11. I had installed the Nick Collection on my 1.6 version, which was working well. When Filters/Plugins/Nick Collection is opened in the 1.7 version, only the HDR Efex Pro 2 is effective to be used. How to get to the seven other tools?
  12. The AP prgogam indeed does not 'feeze' but it takes a very long time (up to 10 minutes) to complete the filter. A warning should appear when this filter is used. Thanks.
  13. Whenever I want to use the Websafe Dither filter in AP, the midscreen ruler appears but doen't stop running. Nothing else in the AP is working from that moment on. Only a Ctrl Alt Delete is the solution to escape (and closing the program).
  14. This experience may be interesting for the developers. I noticed (not sure 100%) the following. The AP program is installed on my laptop, the image of the program is shown on the second screen. I have several places to open the AP program: fixed on the lower bar on the laptop, by a shortcut on the desktop of the laptop but also on the lower bar of the second monitor. Method 1 When I use the lower bar on the laptop to open the program, the AP logo with indication of the version appears on the laptop, but the program itself on the second monitor. Then none of the Live Filters pop up. Method 2 When I use the lower bar of the second monitor to open the AP program, both the AP logo with the version and the program itself opens on the second monitor. The Live Filters pop up.
  15. I am using a second monotor and therefore I investigated that already and tried it out. With or without the second monitor connected ... they don't pop up.

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